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Hiei Kensetsu Co.,Ltd.

Our concept is to create high-quality homes with a new sense of value that is different from conventional home building, under the theme of creating safe and healthy homes

Our goal is to create homes that are warm, gentle, nurturing, and protective of family health and emotional wellbeing.
Our goal is not just to create a house with an unusual and eye-catching design. We want to create a house that is filled with the thoughts of the people who live in it and the wisdom and skills of the people who build it, a house that will be loved by the people who live in it and used for a long time, a house that will adapt to the growth of the family and their lifestyles, a house that will be relaxing and soothing, a house that will protect the family from disasters even in the event of a typhoon or a major earthquake, a house where the family can stay healthy, and a house that is environmentally freiendly.

This is the kind of house our company aims to build.

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Company features
Our four focus points
1. Concept
2. Northern-style housing
3. Antioxidation construction method
4. Healing houses
The concept of our company's custom-built houses is to create high-quality homes with new kinds of value that differ from former house-building, based on the theme of creating safe and healthy homes.
1. Building strong, long-lasting houses
2. Building houses that nurture health and kindness in the whole family
3. Building homes that are friendly to the natural environment
[Northern-style housing]
Hokkaido is promoting the spread of this type of housing, which meets the performance requirements for homes in northern Japan.
This incorporates a system that allows consumers to build their home with peace of mind.
1. Long lifespan
These homes are highly durable and user-friendly. They can withstand 50 to 100 years of use, and can adapt to changing lifestyles.
In addition, they are easy to maintain and manage through inspections and repairs, making them an asset that can be passed on to future generations.
Highly durable, long-lived homes, which are easy to maintain.
2. Peace of mind and health
These are homes where people can continue to live healthily and with peace of mind even as they age.
In addition, our homes are designed to reduce the amount of formaldehyde, which is thought to be one of the causes of sick building syndrome, and to ensure proper ventilation and a constant room temperature.
3. Coexistence with the environment
These homes provide a warm life with less energy.
They also reduce the burden on the environment and the burden of snow removal, create beautiful townscapes, and allow people to enjoy the four seasons in Hokkaido with a sense of freedom.
Energy conservation, reduction of environmental load, snow disposal on the site, and formation of beautiful townscapes.
[Antioxidation construction method]
"Antioxidation" means preventing decomposition due to oxidation. The antioxidation construction method is a method of stopping the decomposition process using an antioxidant.
The antioxidation construction method is a revolutionary method that does not require any special tools or techniques, and provides optimal effects at a low cost, making it possible to realize healthy houses.
[Healing houses]
When we see the annual rings and knots of a tree, or touch the surface of a tree, we feel a sense of security and relaxation.
In addition, wood absorbs sound to an appropriate level, and makes sound resonate nicely. It also absorbs ultraviolet rays with short wavelengths, which are harmful to humans, and reflects ultraviolet rays with longer wavelengths.
The Appeal of Wooden Houses: An article reported that a study of volatile organic substances in the air inside a wood-framed classroom showed that terpenes, substances in the woody aroma that have a relaxing effect, accounted for most of the volatile organic substances in the air.
This should give us a sense of the importance of the sensitivity fostered by nature.
We have overturned the common belief that using real wood results in higher costs.
Common sense suggests that using an abundance of high-quality natural solid wood and other genuine materials will be result in higher costs. However, we have overturned the common sense of the housing industry through our unique corporate efforts based on our corporate philosophy of offering good things at low prices.
We pursue high performance and healthy housing with a focus on the real thing.
We provide good products at low prices through a joint procurement system of 1,800 houses per year throughout Japan.
We use a lumber-drying technology that no other company can offer, which prevents complaints due to lumber shrinkage and deformation.
Reasons why we are selected
Customer Satisfaction Levels

A high referral rate is a barometer of customer satisfaction

Our company is grateful to receive several referrals a year from customers for whom we have built new homes.
For a housing company, there is no greater joy than this. We believe that this is evidence that our customer satisfaction level is increasing.
We often receive compliments from our customers saying that our company has a positive atmosphere, so it's easy for them to refer us to their friends. If you have any questions about housing, please ask us! We will continue to strive to be the builder people in our region call first.

1. Warranty

We provide our customers with peace of mind both during and after construction. Our company offers a defect warranty covered by the Japan Housing Inspection Organization (JIO).
JIO is an insurance corporation designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which backs up the liability for defects (main structural parts and parts that prevent rainwater intrusion) of a builder registered with JIO for 10 years after completion and delivery, as required by the Act on Assurance of Performance of Specified Housing Defect Warranty. Inspection by JIO.

Features of JIO
1. The warranty can be renewed after 10 years.
After 10 years, you can renew your warranty by having an inspection (for a fee).
Even if repairs are required, the warranty can be renewed for another 10 years if the necessary repairs are made and the house passes a re-inspection (for a fee).
2. JIO guarantees the warranty even if the builder goes out of business or bankrupt.
Even in the unlikely event that we go out of business or go bankrupt, covered defects will be guaranteed within the warranty period at no cost to you.
3. The warranty continues even if the house is sold during the warranty period.
If you need to sell a house for which a warranty was issued, due to a change of residence or the like, the warranty will continue even if the house is sold or transferred and the owner changes, as long as the warranty period is still valid. *Some procedures are required.
4. There is no exemption period.
Since JIO conducts four inspections, there is no exemption period, and the warranty is valid for 10 years from the start date.
5. Integrated ground and building warranty.
JIO inspects both the ground and the building and guarantees them as a single unit. You don't have to worry about having separate warranties for the ground and the building, which could lead to ambiguity about where responsibility lies in the event of an accident.

2. After-sales service

Community-based, reliable after-sales maintenance: For after-sales maintenance, speed and peace of mind are important.
Because we are community-based, we have a reputation for speedy responses. We are a local housing company.
Unlike major house builders, we do not transfer people outside Hokkaido, and our sales staff never changes.
We have dedicated staff for after-sales maintenance, who handle customer requests under our "3S" motto: Speed, Smile, and Smart.
Clean room anywhere
Purifying the air can prevent bronchial asthma, and also reduce the worsening of symptoms in those who have it.
More and more people, from small children to the elderly, are considering improving air quality for their health.
And because of the high level of interest in purification, many air purifiers and other products are now available.
However, it is difficult for ordinary air purifiers to purify air at a particularly high level, and many people are not able to realize their effects.
Our "clean room anywhere" system can purify air to the level of an operating room, so we believe that people will be able to realize its effects.
We have two types of clean rooms: one for individuals to install in their room or bed for sleeping, and one for residential use to be installed during construction or renovation.

Japanese Patent Application 2015-026128: Highly clean room system
Japanese Patent Application 2014-255879: Gas exchange membrane, highly clean room system, and structure
Japanese Patent No. 5329720: Wall and highly clean room system and its manufacturing method, and structure

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