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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:37


We are developing software and inspection equipment with AI for various industries.

Available for high-precision inspections for foreign matter contamination (in the food and fishery processing sectors) and for those using robots for curved/mirrored surface appearance inspections. Provision of the AI Hayabusa Co., Ltd., image analysis/inspection system.

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We are developing a software and inspection equipment utilizing AI for various industries as one of the venture corporations from Future University Hakodate.
AI image analysis/inspection system
AI Hayabusa is an image analysis/inspection system that uses AI technology to improve the accuracy of image processing. We have applied machine learning technologies, particularly deep learning, to address issues with visual inspection in existing image processing systems. We have developed a customized AI algorithm to provide optimized solutions.
Leveraging AI that has been trained by experienced inspectors, we contribute to quality improvement, improved inspection efficiency and cost reduction in inspection processes in industrial areas such as the automobile, food, medical, semiconductor, electrical, electronics, printing, film and FPD sectors.
AI-equipped visual inspection robot
The articulated robot arranges the camera head in the optimum position according to the curved surface of the work, the optical system is configured for the curved surface and the mirror surface catches minute defects, while the AI Hayabusa’s artificial intelligence inspection system extracts images of the defects.
In addition to scratches, pinholes, hits, coating bubbles and dents, it targets defects on the surface, such as color unevenness in coating and plating.
It can accommodate inspections of everything from small parts for mobile phone cases to parts of automobile doors, regardless of the shape.
AI x fishery
Automation is a slow process in food industries, including fishery processing, as many of the processes are labor intensive. The inspection process is particularly susceptible to product quality variance and human error, depending on the worker’s proficiency, and quality improvements, automation, speeding-up and manpower reductions are all required.
For these and other issues, AI Hayabusa Co., Ltd., provides proposals that utilize AI technologies.


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