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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:14

haruki inc.

Please allow us to take care of your donan cedar or precut material requirements

We have been consistently involved in the wood business since our founding. We are engaged in pre-cut processing sales, lumber processing, and sales of materials for construction and civil engineering. Our original product "Dounan cedar Harukabe” series are products made from Dounan cedar, which is excellent for the environment, with comfort and designs that are suitable for living in northern countries.

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Product introduction
Donan Sugi hull wall: exterior material
Original exterior panel made of Donan cedar from the northernmost part of Japan.
The durability of its red parts is said to be better than that of Japanese cypress. It does not easily rot, and it is suitable for use outside where it is exposed to wind and rain.
Interior materials for Donan cedar hull walls
Original interior panels made of Donan cedar from the northernmost part of Japan.
The outer part of the wood is white, and its inner part is reddish brown. It is beautiful, and its soft texture has a cushioning effect when someone falls on it or bumps into it, making it safe for children and the elderly. Its unique aroma has a relaxation effect. Moreover, owing to its low thermal conductivity, it is always mildly warm and never feels cold when touched.
Donan cedar hull wall deck material
The original deck material is made of Donan cedar from the northernmost part of Japan.
Its soft texture is easy to work on and allows efficient processing. It is soft but flexible; therefore, it does not break easily. Moreover, growing in the harsh climate of Hokkaido makes it resistant to both rot and insects. Its beautiful red color and calming aroma is ideal for decks.

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