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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:53

Kitaichi Meat Co.,Ltd.

We are expanding in a wide range of fields related to food, including meat processing and wholesaling, development of original pork brands, food processing, and restaurant management

Under thorough hygiene and quality control, we realize mass processing at our own factory. We also excel at customizing products to meet customers' orders.
In addition, we can handle any size of business, from small quantities of less than one kilogram to containers. We handle rare parts of meat that are unique to our company, establish new acquisition routes, and keep a keen eye on overseas information to propose products that are highly advantageous to our customers.

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High-tech butcher
We have set up clean zones, established a system with metal detectors and other equipment to prevent contamination of meat with foreign substances, and make use of custom-made refrigerators that minimize deterioration. With these measures along with our craftsmanship such as meat temperature, catching after cutting, thickness adjustment, and weight adjustment at the gram level, we are able to provide high-quality meat.
Aging meat
Our company has conducted joint research with Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine on what temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other conditions meat should be kept in for how many days, and the type and amount of mold that should grow to make it taste good. Considering these conditions, and including the livestock species and size, we have acquired the technology for optimal meat aging.
Company-operated restaurant
We would like customers to actually try the meat that we are proud of, including our essential techniques, meat curing, authentic charcuterie, and our own unheated processed products such as uncured ham and Salchichon. This is why we opened our restaurant La boucherie 29 on February 9, 2019.
At our restaurant, we want customers to enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients to the fullest.
For example, the flavor of uncured ham changes depending on how it is cut. We welcome customers to cut it neatly by hand to enjoy its texture. Our restaurant uses a manual slicer made in Italy by Tamagini to slice the ham at a thickness that is impossible to cut with human hands. We hope that our customers will experience the texture of freshly cut ham, which is a rare experience.

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