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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:37

Hokkaido Environment Bio Sector Co., Ltd.

Developing and selling bird, harmful insect, and destructive animal repellent products including crow repellents

★Our independent research revealed that birds (including crows) can visually identify ultraviolet rays. Based on this research, we started developing crow repellent products.
Crows have excellent eyesight. For example, it is said that they can identify, from the outside, whether raw meat or dummy meat is contained in a black garbage bag. 
This ability seems to resemble radioscopy. In other words, crows can identify objects that humans cannot. By utilizing the wide visual area of crows and a light emission mechanism that repels crows, we have successfully developed products that repel crows.  

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Sales Pitch

Features of the crow repellent sticker, streamer, and paint
This oval-shaped sticker is smaller than the palm of a man. Painted in black and yellow, the sticker resembles "the eyes of an owl," which is said to be the natural enemy of crows. Since the sticker is easily portable, adults and even small children, can use it to prevent crows from attacking them. 
★The crow repellent sticker repels crows and keeps them away due to "light" emitted from the entire surface. Human eyes, however, cannot see this light. Only birds, including crows, with a good eyesight can identify it.
The streamer, whose width is 10 cm, is entirely painted in yellow. We have developed three types: A 3-m length streamer, a 6-m length streamer, and a 100-m length streamer (which is for professional use). The base color is yellow and outline characters against this reads in Japanese, a phrase meaning "Good-bye crows."
★When the streamer pitches and rolls and reflects light diffusely, crows feel a strong sense of discomfort and stay away from the streamer.
★The streamer can be used for not only a narrow space such as a home garden and a farmhouse, but also a wide area such as a plantation to keep crows away. 
■Main clients/customers & business performance (in Japan) ■College of Commerce, Nihon University, KBS Kubota., Nissho Motors Co. Ltd., Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation (Shiga Pref.), Doi Farm (Chitose City), KoHaTa Inc., Nishikido Paint, SHINGOSHU Co., Ltd. (Shiga Pref.), TelWel East Japan Corporation, AEON DELIGHT CO.,LTD., Shimizu Kangyo Corp., Seikatei (registered tangible cultural property), Rokkatei Confectionery Co., Ltd., HAKODATE ROPEWAY Corporation, SAPPORO BREWERIES LTD., JA Shimanto (Procurement Div.), Sapporo Clock Tower, Fukui Co., Ltd., TEISO KASEI CO.,LTD., LIXIL VIVA, DCM Homac, Oshima Seisaku Hanbaisho Co., Ltd., DALC ,Inc., Naniwa Co., Ltd., TOKYU HANDS INC., Gorensupport Corporation., Hakodate Seafood Market, JA Adumi, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., Kyushu Electric System Company, Inc., e-TEC, Hokkai Electrical Construction Co., Inc., Chubu Electric Power Company, NICHIAN CORPORATION, TOYO SUISAN KAISHA, LTD., Japan Livestock Safe Material Diffusion Chamber, Civil International Corporation, Mie Matsusaka Meat Corporation Co., Ltd., Miyoshi Pione Industrial Association, Nihon Shinko Co., Ltd., Sanwa Co., Ltd., Tokyo BM Tops Co., Ltd. Kosho Co., Ltd., Gojinsha Keikaku Kenkyujo, and SANWAYAKUHI    


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