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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:54

Shibuya Jyozo Co.,Ltd.

We produce miso and soy sauce without any additives or preservatives

Our products include fresh vegetables harvested in the Tokachi Plain and pickled in miso and soy sauce made from Tokachi soybeans. We are a food manufacturing business that handles miso, soy sauce, koji mold, pickles, prepared foods, meat processing, and dairy products.

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Strictly selected ingredients
We use soybeans grown with care by farmers in Hombetsucho, Tokachi

Soybeans grown with care by professional farmers in Tokachi, Japan's largest soybean production area, are rich in protein, which is the source of flavor, low in fat, and high in sucrose.
Soybeans are also said to contain high levels of isoflavones, which are thought to be good for the body.
In addition, the soybeans are thin-skinned and can be used whole without removing the skin.
Therefore, when processed, these soybeans can be used to make miso soup or soy sauce with a strong sweetness and a lot of flavor.
Rice mold (Koji)
We use rice grown in Hokkaido

Koji mold plays the most important role in fermented foods. The quality of the koji mold determines the quality of miso and soy sauce.
That's why we use rice grown in Hokkaido, stack the traditional thin-wood boxes by hand, look after them carefully, and let the koji mold bloom slowly. The koji mold is not forcibly dried, and the koji bacteria are still alive.
Because our product is "live koji mold," it has excellent fermentation power. It has a strong sweetness from the rice and brings out the flavor of the soybeans, producing delicious miso and soy sauce with a sweet aroma without any additives! Even when used for pickles, its fermentation power brings out the original flavor of vegetables and produces delicious pickles with a traditional taste!
White soy sauce
Using wheat grown in the Tokachi area

For the first time in Hokkaido, and after three years of effort, we succeeded in manufacturing white soy sauce with wheat grown locally in Tokachi, our local area.

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