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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:51

Reax Co., Ltd.

We are a geological survey company with Japan's largest market share for borehole cameras, for which we provide development, manufacturing, and survey services.

We provide the latest geological survey tools and software for analysis, as well as survey and analysis tools such as our own borehole camera (BIP system: Borehole Image Processing) that uses a unique mirror.

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Borehole cameras
High-resolution borehole camera systems
Detailed observation of water-permeable fractures in underground bedrock (for aperture width, shape, fill, and texture)

Determination of the orientation of mineral arrays in fault investigation

Detection of fine cracks in concrete structures (acquisition of high-quality images in large-diameter holes)
Borehole camera observation
Investigation for cracks and sagging in bedrock, and for cracks in concrete structures

[Geological surveys]
Direct observation of bedrock for cracks and fractures, and measurement of geological structures (such as direction, inclination, and aperture)

[Maintenance of structures]
Investigation of the reverse sides of tunnel linings for cavities and slack regions, diagnosis of foundation piles in bridges and other structures for cracks, and checking of wells for clogging and ruptures

[Construction control]
Checking of bedrock status for changes during the digging of underground cavities, etc., checking the status of stationary regions for rock anchors and so on.
Borehole camera system for 360-degree image recording of holes in walls 
Borehole camera observation with our Borehole Image Processing System (BIPS) is most suitable for investigating bedrock structures using an investigative borehole.

The 360-degree images of holes in walls are used to measure directional inclination and crack width in discontinuities in walls with holes (such as bedding planes, flow planes, schistosity planes, cracks, faults, and grout milk).

The basic concept of the system is also presented in national standard estimates (soil quality and geological surveys).
Geological surveys and construction consultation
Hydrological surveys
River surveys
Geological surveys of land
Regional geomorphological surveys
Research and development
Soil contamination surveys
Soil contamination refers to a state where heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, or other hazardous substances have accumulated in soil with concentrations exceeding the standard levels stipulated by laws or regulations. The Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act designates 25 substances based on two risks. These specified substances are called designated hazardous substances.

Risk of directly ingesting soil containing a hazardous substance (risk of direct ingestion)

Risk of drinking groundwater from soil affected by a hazardous substance (risk of ingestion via groundwater, etc.)

Risks of direct ingestion are subject to soil content standards, while risks of ingestion via groundwater, etc. are subject to soil elution standards.
Asbestos investigation and analysis
As an asbestos analysis establishment that supplies reliable data, our company is registered as an establishment for measuring working environments and as a measurement certification business. We also have officially qualified staff for asbestos surveys (investigator of building materials containing asbestos) to investigate architectural structures. Reports that we supply can be submitted to public initiations as they are.

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