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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:43

Hokkaido Beika Foods Co. , Ltd.

100% Hokkaido ingredients! We manufacture original rice crackers.

We have developed about 50 varieties of rice crackers over the past decade. This is how we have been helping to revitalize towns all over Hokkaido. We propose creating local brand products by using rice varieties with designated production centers combined with the flavors of specialty foods. We take orders for manufacturing rice crackers and developing original brands with 100% Hokkaido rice.

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Sales Pitch

We are a manufacturer specializing in rice crackers (okaki and arare) made strictly from Hokkaido ingredients
[Baked rice crackers]
We have launched Hokkaido's first brand of baked rice crackers, a new non-oil product free of vegetable oil. The shelf life has been extended from 120 to 240 days from the production date. We have already received numerous inquiries from suppliers in Japan and abroad.

The dough is baked in a healthy way, without using oil
Okaki rice crackers are commonly manufactured by cutting mochi into small pieces, drying them, and then deep-frying them in oil, but these baked rice crackers are produced by baking dough without using oil.

These are safe and secure rice snacks with no additives or oil
Other manufacturers also make baked rice crackers, but our product is manufactured using a patent-pending method that also does not require oil for flavoring.

The shelf life is about twice as long as deep-fried rice crackers (eight months)
Oil is not used, so oxidation does not occur, and the shelf life is about twice as long as deep-fried rice crackers (eight months). We can develop products that can be sold in Japan as well as distributed overseas.
[About deep-fried rice crackers]
We strongly favor Hokkaido-produced glutinous rice, and we are committed to manufacturing our rice crackers so that people of all ages enjoy the rich flavors and delicious tastes of Hokkaido.

100% of our glutinous rice is from Hokkaido
We use specially cultivated Kaze-no-ko Mochi brand rice from a designated production center, and we manufacture rice crackers with the motto of producing safe and secure products.

We deep-fry our products slowly and carefully
By deep-frying our rice crackers to a light and crispy texture, we bring out the tastiness of the ingredients even more. This results in crunchy and refreshing products.

Lots of tasty food! Hokkaido flavors
We process richly flavorful ingredients that represent Hokkaido, including agricultural products, dairy products, and seafood with rich flavor. We have a lineup of flavors that let you enjoy the fresh tastes of natural products.
[Collaborative and OEM products]
We invite you to revitalize your industries and tourism with local brand products.

We support the revitalization of cities, towns, and villages in Hokkaido with original rice crackers made from 100% Hokkaido ingredients.

You can use your local specialties to develop tasty rice crackers.

We have extensive experience in exhibiting our products at exhibitions overseas. We can support you in promoting distribution, expanding sales channels, and more, to achieve success.

We can handle small lots, so our products are ideal as collaborative articles and novelty goods with local characters.

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