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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:30

Japan Advanced system co.,ltd

Leave systems development up to us (including business, Web services, control, and assembly)! We are familiar with all kinds of system development, so we are ready to handle any kind of system.

We run our business under the slogan of trust and performance. 

We enjoy an established reputation for our expertise in system development and software development. We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to handle all kinds of system development, including business applications, smartphone applications, control systems, and systems to be built into electronics products. We also explore new technological frontiers, and are active in R&D for Web and smartphone applications, as well as robot systems and other applications. We are constantly working toward further development.

We continue to support systems that we have developed until they are no longer used by the customer. We maintain systems and give assistance in system operation, and make and propose plans when functional reorganization or the like is required because of the trends of times and so on.


Sales Pitch

System and software development services
We develop business system applications
We are experienced in developing business systems for customers from a wide range of business segments. Today's business systems are used in a wide variety of ways, for internal use and also for collaboration including other offices, smartphones and tablets, and other uses. We believe that system development needs a developer with all kinds of knowledge and expertise. We have a track record of deliveries with the latest environmental technology, including AI, the IoT, the cloud, and Edge.
Web service systems development
Internet connectivity is now a must for all businesses. We are also experienced in developing Web service systems, such as EC sites, social media connectivity, smartphone use, and aggregator sites. 
Control and assembly system development
We have experience with systems equipped with measuring equipment, sensors, cameras, and other electronic equipment, along with systems with embedded electronics (such as onboard and communications equipment) and other equipment.

Currently we also engage in R&D in robotic automatic control and automatic conveyance robots equipped with LiDAR, cameras, and various sensors. 

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