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FSK Co., Ltd.

Total support for computer systems under the policy of customer first, quality first, and humans first.	

Our company was established as Fukushima Sogo Keisan Center Co., Ltd. Our corporate philosophy is "Customer first, quality first, and human first". Our mission is the total support of computer systems to assist customers and contribute to the society from the perspective of ICT.	

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Total support of computer systems
In the ever-changing environment customers exist in, there is a demand for information processing services that are compatible with the new era. If the operation of the information system and the handling of obstacles can be entrusted externally, the total cost in terms of the promotion of computerization can be saved. As a result, customers can focus their management resources on core businesses, such as corporate strategy planning and sales planning. This is the concept of outsourcing .
- Hosting service
Customers can install application software suitable for the customer's business on hardware owned by our company for their use.
- Network connection service
This service allows you to use our communication environment (F/W, DNS, FTP server, connection line, etc.) as your communication method.
Our company provides this service of operating and maintaining the equipment of customer owned systems.
We also provide services to keep business servers, web servers, DB servers, etc. We take optimum security measures in a center environment conforming to various safety standards to guard information systems and data received from customers in case of disasters and unauthorized access.	
Our company provide efficient and more secure consignment services to meet the needs of our customers for the conversion of complicated and enormous tasks into information processing. We provide a variety of high-quality information processing services under a strict management system of thorough basic security measures fundamental to disasters, such as earthquakes and information processing, and provide a variety of high-quality information processing services.
・ Data input service
Our company enters data on behalf of customers, such as large volumes of slips.
・ Consignment calculation processing
We support complicated calculation work, such as mass printing processing, salary, year-end adjustment, social insurance.
-Ancillary services
We perform tasks associated with information processing, such as book binding, enclosing and sealing of necessary documents, and mail sealing.	
For local governments
・ Agricultural ledger system, home medical care, nursing care provider information retrieval system, large volume printing, processing, enclosure sealing service, certificate convenience store delivery cloud service, FSK facility service, FSK LGWAN-ASP hosting service, etc.	
For private companies
・ F digital tachometers
・ Operation management support systems
・ Sales management systems for building materials wholesale business 
・ Introduction of golf course backbone systems
・ Maintenance services
・ Introduction of personnel payroll systems
・ Maintenance services
・ Introduction of financial accounting systems
・ Maintenance services	
・ Robot simulator implementation and model creation 
・ Robot system customization and introduction
・ Paperless conference system
・ Network construction and introduction
・ Groupware introduction and maintenance service
・ Workflow introduction and maintenance service 
・ CMS construction and introduction

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ

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