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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:16

Tokushu Seiki Co., Ltd.

“A 20 year record of installing 0402 size chips in Japan! Set your mind and ease and leave everything from prototyping to mass production of the finished product to us.

We do everything from mounting the electronic components (0402 size) to making the finished product! From high-mix low-volume to mass production, we will take on the manufacturing of all kinds of items!” Taking these as our watchwords, we are a domestic company that performs EMS across a wide range of fields, including high-density circuit boards as well as professional audio products, wide-band scanner receivers, automotive electronics, interchangeable lenses for cameras, environmental equipment, and medical devices.

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Sales Pitch

SMT / Board processing
Taking SMT (surface mounting technology) as our core technology, we mount electronic components for a wide range of products, such as high-density circuit boards for communication devices and boards for medical devices. 
・ We can mount small chips (0402, 0603 size), BGA, and CSP. We can also, of course, perform reflow soldering in a nitrogen gas atmosphere using lead-free reflow ovens.  
・ We can mount on boards from size L50 mm x W70 mm to L510 mm x W460 mm. 
・ We have an extensive product quality assurance system, equipped with a 3D solder printing inspection machine, a mounting inspection machine, an X-ray inspection device and a replacement error prevention system for mounted components. We are also working on a thorough factory-internal system that includes static electricity countermeasures, temperature and humidity, ROHS10, and cleanliness management. 

Processing examples and use cases
We perform high-density/high-quality(0402) electronic component mounting for
・Large boards for communication equipment
・Boards for mobile phones
・Boards for car-mounted electronic devices
・Flexible boards for digital devices

We carry out mounting, board assembly and processing, for everything from prototyping to mass production.
Prototypes, mass-produced products, assembly
We have established a manufacturing system that allows integrated, high-quality, and high-efficiency production, not only in mass production, but also for high-mix low-volume products. 

Processing examples and use cases
We produce
・ Finished audio equipment for professionals
・ Finished commercial-use audio products
・ Finished wide-band scanner receivers

and more in an integrated process from SMT (0402) to completion.  
・Precision processed and assembled products such as interchangeable lenses for cameras
[ Our strengths ]
We are a Japan-based company that "scratches the itch." Over 40 years of business with manufacturers, we have offered consistent quality and process control in everything from new product prototype evaluation to mass production and finished goods.
[ Business Activities ]
Board mounting (IMT/SMT) - assembly - adjustment inspection - quality control - shipping of finished products

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