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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:09

Sugawara Setsubi Co., Ltd.


We are a company in the construction field, involved in water supply and drainage equipment such as water supply/drainage, general water supply, septic tanks, and reform/maintenance.

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Three strengths
A group of engineers with excellent individual strength and team strength
Pipework is a field where there are many private business owners, because once the skills have been acquired, it is possible to be independent. However, if the customer is a major house building firm, there are oftentimes major construction projects with 10 to 20 buildings per site. In these cases, manpower is required to manage the work, so a contractor with only a few people cannot handle it.
However, our construction department has multiple groups, each comprising four of five craftsmen. Therefore, we are able to handle multiple projects and large-scale projects. We have many young craftworkers, with an average age of 31; however, by gaining experience more frequently than employees at other companies, they have all mastered skills at the level of veteran craftsmen. In addition, our technology does not rely on individuals. All of our staff are well educated so they can perform construction work at an equal level. Having a large number of craftworkers allows for each to handle unique projects in their field, such as independent houses, buildings, and reforms.
Received rare designated construction approval throughout Aichi Prefecture
When conducting pipe work, prior application to the respective local government is required. There also exist designated construction methods and procedures. It is for this reason that sole proprietors and small-scale contractors will often work only in limited areas. 
Our company is approved as a designated construction shop in all municipalities in Aichi Prefecture. We have multiple bases, such as in Tsushima City, Ichinomiya City, and Obu City. Only about 10% of other companies in the same business as us have qualifications that span the entire prefecture, making us a rare presence. Thus, if you request work from us, we can save you the trouble of having to find a different contractor for each area, in the case that you have multiple properties throughout Aichi Prefecture that require construction. In addition to construction work, we can handle the entirety of accompanying documents and piping equipment design. This allows for easy coordination with other construction work, making us a popular choice for major house builders.
Trust and achievements in dealing with difficult projects
Because we have an excellent structure to receive orders, which is based on “technology” and “meeting a wide range of needs,” the number of projects we receive is among the highest in the Tokai area. In 2016, we handled construction for over 1,000 buildings, for the third consecutive year, and acquired a share of around 10% of the number of piping projects for wooden houses in the Tokai area. We have thus become a prominent presence in the industry. Handling a large quantity of projects has allowed us to accumulate expertise and experience, and it is because of this that we are now able to handle all types of work. Since water supply and drainage pipes are located in places that are not usually visible, often you do not know what to expect until digging work commences. Occasionally, troubles occur such as large amounts of groundwater spouting. Even in such cases, we immediately respond with countermeasures and complete the work safely. We have received excellent evaluations from our clients for our flexible response and speed of work.

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