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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:31

HIROKO Jet Technology Co., Ltd.

We offer cutting-edge monozukuri craftsmanship that uses world-class technology.

We manufacture precision machinery and precision parts processing, aircraft parts, jigs and jet engine parts.
We specialize in processing of precision machining and difficult-to-cut materials, and special jig manufacturing including jet engine parts. We are also involved in the production high value-added products such as space-related, energy-related and medical-related products.

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To those who want this kind of processing
[Production of aircraft parts or specialized jigs]
 We produce aircraft-related products such as jet engine parts, special measurement equipment for aircraft material, and various jigs for processing.
 Our advanced precision processing technology for difficult-to-machine materials, including production of critical parts such as DISK type, have earned high praise.
 Our company organized a production technology group, and has accumulated the processing technology necessary for jet engine parts production since 1982. Thus, we have a system that can accommodate the production of products that are still in the development stage. Moreover, we design our own jigs.

[Production of space station parts, rocket parts, and specialized jigs]
 We produce ultraprecise parts for space stations and rockets.

[Production of parts for semiconductor manufacturing machines, energy-related parts, and specialized jigs]
 Using the processing technology we developed through works in the aerospace field, we offer high-precision production of precision parts in difficult-to-machine materials.
 Reciprocating engine/screw large-scale compressor parts
 Gas turbine/steam turbine parts
 Semiconductor manufacturing machines
 Various parts for resin machines
Strength in QCD
[Quality control]
We have a question. “What are you most concerned about when flying in an airplane?”
There are many answers. However, one thing everyone expects is safety.

Jet engine parts contribute to ensuring this safety. The parts we produce satisfy strict quality standards.

Our company has been manufacturing jet-engine parts since 1982. We are certified with the aerospace quality-management system “JISQ 9100,” which defines the standard for documentation, document management, facility management, tool management, and NC program management related to production of aerospace parts. We continue to maintain and improve the product quality. We are improving quality management through regular internal inspections and assessments by the certifying the authority under this system.

Moreover, we guarantee the quality of our products through inspections involving precision measurement by certified staff using both small measurement devices as well as 3D measurement devices, which can measure large products.
We became a certified factory responsible for every process until finishing for aircraft parts (by Rolls-Royce).
We were certified to accept outsourcing orders for processing aircraft parts (by IHI).

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