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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:28

Asahi Techno Plant CO.,LTD.

Our company ranks top in the Chugoku Region in the construction of solar power generation facilities. We handle everything related to electric, measuring, and communications facilities, from design, installation, test, and adjustment to maintenance and management.	

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Photovoltaic power generation	
We provide customers with the most effective solar facilities based on our  top-class achievements in the Chugoku region. They are reliable as all processes, from design to construction are performed in the company.

・We select and propose optimum solar power generation facilities for customers. They can be used with confidence based on the design, construction, installation environment, and required equipment capacity.
・ Inspection and maintenance & management
 Detailed and regular inspections by experienced professional staff ・ Maintenance management ensures that the Photovoltaic power generation system can generate sufficient power.
・ Emergency response
 It is safe as the chief electric engineer and emergency response staff are present in the company. Unlike other companies that outsource emergency response, a quick response is possible.	
Business guide
Asahi Techno Plant provides integrated services from the design and construction of electrical, instrumentation, and communication equipment to various plants, test adjustment and security management .
In addition, we actively introduce new technologies to challenge the construction of safe and optimum equipment. We are also working to contribute to local communities by developing environmental measures, such as clean power generation, water recycling, and soil purification. .

1. Planning and design
   Facility updates and proposal design
   Clean power generation proposal design
   Energy-saving and labor-saving proposal design
   Construction planning and design
2. Electrical equipment construction
   Power plant, substation, and power distribution equipment electrical work
   Plant electrical instrumentation work
   Replacement (update construction)
   Information and communication construction
   Buildings ancillary works
3. Test run adjustment
   Control board design and modification
   Various sequence testing
   and instrumentation equipment adjustments
4. Maintenance inspection, diagnosis, and calibration
   Inspection of in- house power generation equipment
   Protective relay test
   Insulation monitoring
   Various kinds of calibration work
   Substation equipment inspection
   Cable insulation diagnosis
   Instrumentation equipment inspection
   Insulation protection area voltage test	
New technologies and environmental measures
■ Beekeeping and vegetable cultivation under solar modules
Our company has a department focused on the research and operation of plant factories that keeps bees or grows plants in a closed facility where the internal environment (light, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, etc.) is controlled for beekeeping and vegetable cultivation under solar modules

 Plant factories are facilities that cannot operate without environmental controls and water treatment using electricity.
 We can say that this is the business where we can utilize our strengths, such as electric control technology and water treatment technology.

■ PCB collection and decomposition service
 Our professional staff collect and analyzes PCBs at reasonable prices on behalf of our customers, and send analysis result reports.
 If PCBs are not included, we will process the waste as general waste..

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