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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:35:02

Marutaka Industry Co., Ltd.

Design and construction of steaming systems, labor-saving machines, tractor-dozers, and various machine tool parts

We develop, manufacture, and sell steam changers for converting high temperature/high pressure dried steam into clean and humid steam of a consistent temperature and ultralow-pressure. A wet-type steam decompression device, which exhibits high thermal conductivity and therefore, helps to keep the heat calories unchanged. If used for steamed food, products with consistent quality and without unevenness can be processed quickly.

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Steam changer
Main customers: In addition to food processing companies that engage in “steam processing” and “double boiling,” we have a substantial track record of deliveries to concrete manufacturers and perfume manufacturers.
Commonly, steam emitted from boilers is “high temperature, high pressure and dry” steam.
Our steam changer converts such steam into “high temperature, ultralow pressure and humid” steam.
By doing so, the water content of steam (molecular weight in the air volume per unit) increases, increasing its heat retention capacity, thermal conductivity, and thermal effect.

We will accommodate diverse requests, such as delivering our off-the-shelf products in customized versions, and providing made-to-order products starting from their design and prototype.
Steam box
Steam heating at low temperature was made possible with the steam box that uses steam changers.
Generally, bacon and roasted beef are steamed at low temperature (55°C–57°C) for long hours. 
This is known to be the optimal temperature range to keep the “umami (true flavors)” from evaporating.
However, even a temperature change by 1°C may cause the taste to change. It is extremely difficult to steam-heat at this temperature range, as there were previously no steam boxes that can perfectly perform this process.
By its nature, steam has temperature above 100°C, and it was almost impossible to maintain it at 55°C. 
Employing new methodologies, our steam boxes is able to keep the temperature within 1°C in either direction from the target temperature.

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