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We are a designer and manufacturer of machine tools and control panels.

We are engaged in a wide range of efforts, including designing and manufacturing control panels that satisfy customer needs, such as poka-yoke mistake-proofing for welding machines and machine tool automation, as well as manufacturing control panels for environmental testing equipment and water treatment facilities.

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Business areas
We have an integrated production system from system construction to design and manufacturing.

Water treatment equipment
Monitoring panels for waterworks treatment, monitoring panels for sewage treatment, manhole pumps, control panels for filtering equipment, control panels for drainage treatment, control panels for various pumps

Manufacturing line equipment
Control panels for liquid crystal conveyance lines, various control panels for winding and unwinding operations, slitter control panels, control panels for rice refiners, control panels for printers, control panels for heat pumps
Control panels for inverters, control panels for deep-freeze systems, control panels for manufacturing line processes

Monitoring and control systems
Control panels for furnace temperature, control panels for furnace cooling water, control panels for rolling devices, automatic starters for generators, telemetry panels, monitoring system panels, DC power panels

Conveyance equipment
Control panels for automatic cranes, control panels for logistics transportation lines, control panels for automatic warehouses, control panels for weighing systems

Machine tools
Control panels for machine tools, compressor unit control panels, various interface panels

Electrical design
Design and manufacturing of various control panels, operation panels, and monitoring panels; test-running and adjusting machinery wiring; designing and debugging sequencer software of different makes; designing touch panels of various companies

Designing and manufacturing control panels
We make use of state-of-the-art technology and high sensitivity as engineers as well as thorough process control and quality control to supply products with a responsible integrated system from system construction to planning, investigation, design, manufacturing, and on-site trial operation.

Design and installation of automation and labor-saving equipment
Automatic demand control; use of fans, pumps, and inverters; compressor unit control; heat pumps

Designing and installing internal wiring
We are able to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices by performing all processes in our integrated production system from internal wiring works to trial operation and adjustment.

Various testing and inspection devices
Controllers for vehicle crash test experiments, control panels for vehicle wind tunnel tests, control panels for vehicle crosswind fans
Porotan Cutter HS-202 peeler
First Prize among the Top Ten Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishery Research Projects 2016

Porotan offers surprising quality for Japanese chestnuts, with a hard shell and astringent skin that are easily peeled. It was developed and grown by the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science (NIFTS), Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The traditional Japanese chestnut variety is large and tasty, but it is hard to cook because its astringent skin is hard to peel.

This is why demand is higher for Chinese chestnuts, with an astringent skin that is easier to peel. The new Porotan chestnut was developed with an easy-to-peel skin. It is cultivated in special production areas and other sites nationwide, and there are expectations that the variety will begin to see a stable harvest in the near future.

Main characteristics
Porotan can be safely processed in large quantities. A single hour of continuous operation processes about 1,200 pieces (36 kg). The Porotan Cutter automatically makes a 3.2-millimeter-deep inconspicuous parting line around the chestnut. It processes Porotan chestnuts with an outer diameter of 32 to 45 mm.

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