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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:35

Enko Industry Co., Ltd.

Through hot-dip galvanization, we help reduce the lifecycle cost of structures.

Hot-dip galvanization boasts outstanding durability in the atmosphere. This offers protection from corrosion in the roof steel frames, 3D parking lots, and other hard-to-maintain and costly-to-maintain outdoor structures in the Sky Tree, Roppongi Hills, the Great Seto Bridge, Nishiseto Expressway, and other famous spots throughout Japan, along with railroads, expressways, and other social infrastructures and skyscrapers.  

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Sales Pitch

Hot-dip galvanization, zinc phosphtate coating processing
Large plating equipment
We are equipped with large hot-dip galvanization equipment 14,500 mm L x 2,100 W x 3,000 H, capablle of plating the whole of a structure loadable on a large truck.
Zinc phosphate coating equipment for coating surfaces
Our factories where plating is performed contain chemical treatment equipment that recommended by the common specifications JAS6 for coating surfaces (zinc phosphate coating equipment: 7,500 L x 1,500 W x 1,500 H).
Consistent system from manufacturing to surface treatment
[Company strengths]
The Sky Tree, Roppongi Hills, and other structures may have been erected in Tokyo, but most of their streel frames were manufactured and plated elsewhere.
If you can email us your drawings of steel frames, metal objects, or racks, we can manufacture, plate and ship them to you, to any location in Japan.
In addition to hot-dip galvanization, we are ready to provide electroplating, chrome plating, and electro-polishing, as well as painting.
We make ourselves useful in software as well.
We are ready to help you with factory inspection and seminars on plating.
Although outstandingly durable in the atmosphere, hot-dip galvanization is not known to the public. Also, although designed according to common specifications and other documents, even its process is unknown.
Hot-dip galvanization has these disadvantages: 1) it does not make the surfaces as good-looking as surfaces electro-plated or chrome-plated; and 2) it generates strains.
The appearance and strains of hot-dip galvanized surfaces vary greatly according to: 1) product shape, 2) plating holes, and 3) the composition of the steel.
We would ask your designers to know these facts in designing the proposed equipment. Your designers' such efforts would then be combined with our own efforts to deliver good-looking plated surfaces. 
Moreover, we would like to explain to you how to handle your products and how to repair any defects generated during your such handling. 
Seeing is believing. Please do not hesitate to have a look at how we work with hot-dip galvanization.
We would welcome you, even at a rate of one person at a time.
Marketing, face to face
Seven of our salespeople go here and there while listening to your requirements and making proposals on a face-to-face basis, reaching locations to the west of Tokyo. Please contact us if anything is troubling you.
System for direct dispatch to your sites
We meet our customers' demands that the steel frames of the roofs of office buildings or those of a 3D parking lot be sent directly to their worksites. We therefore have our plated produts on worksites in various locations from Okinawa to Sendai, sort them out for different works sections, and send them directly to our customers' locations. Please try contacting us without giving up just because your worksite happens to be remote.

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