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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:32

Kishimoto Co., Ltd.

A dried fish shop at the foot of a mountain

Our “Marutotto,” dried fish with edible bones was developed using “bone softening technology” that was jointly developed through an industrial, academic, private and public partnership. As Marutotto has edible bones, it contains 30 times as much calcium when compared with ordinary grilled fish. Various ingenuities are applied to Marutotto in terms of its texture and taste, so that even fish-averse children and the elderly can eat it. 

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Sales Pitch

Three reasons as to why Marutotto is loved
1. Easy to eat fish
Fish can be prepared in only one to two minutes in the microwave, making it hassle-free and easy. 
Our fish is even more fragrant when cooked with a pan or grill.
As it has been treated using high temperature and high-pressure sterilization, you can also taste it as-is, straight out of the pouch.
2. Abundant calcium
Calcium is considered to be the element that strengthens teeth.
It is essential for maintaining life. You can eat the bones in Marutotto, easily and tastily ensuring the absorption of several tens of times as much calcium as is found in regular dried fish. 
3. No additives and a low salt content mean you can rest assured
Ingredients are additive free, and the low salt content ensures a safe and secure diet (※)
Good to eat for a wide range of consumers, from children to the elderly.
The long best-before date (40 days at room temperature) is also a reason for its popularity.
*Excluding basil tastes

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