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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:50

Hori Co.,Ltd.

A commitment to seafood that is natural and additive-free

We provide convenient frozen foods using natural and additive-free shrimp and seafood under our "manma" brand.

We are particular about using natural, additive-free shrimp and seafood in our "manma" products, emphasizing the "as-is" nature of the ingredients themselves.

We wanted to evolve the safe and delicious taste that we have been thoroughly protecting since our company's establishment to meet the needs of the future. This brand was born from this desire.

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The "manma" commitment
Forty years of experience
For more than 40 years since our grandfather's generation, we have been dealing with natural boat-frozen shrimp caught in the southern seas.

Shrimp reliably grown in the ocean just below the equator, eating only safe food, have an exceptional taste. In particular, frozen shrimp that are frozen immediately after being pre-processed on the ship have a taste that cannot be found anywhere else. We have been handling them with confidence for many years.
Natural and additive-free
Unlike farmed seafood, natural seafood does not eat food with additives.

From long ago, we have not used additives, such as anti-blackening agents to improve the color or water retention agents to make them look bigger. This is not just for appearance, but for the real taste. That's what we are committed to.
Wheat is a factor in many allergies. We try to make our fried food products gluten-free by using rice flour.

The oil absorption rate of rice-flour fried food is about 70% that of regular fried food. It is crispy and lightly fried. This is a great feature for a generation that is concerned about health.

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