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Latest update: 02/11/2021 10:31:30

Nakamura Firefighting chemistry Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture and Sales of Fire Pump Vehicles, etc.

Although our main business is the manufacture and sale of fire engines, we are also engaged in wholesale and retail sales of all firefighting-related products (e.g., small power pumps, fire hoses, fire supplies, materials, clothing); the maintenance and inspection of fire equipment; the design and installation of fire equipment; building cleaning management; and water tank cleaning.

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Business Description
Fire engines
We mainly manufacture the following
Fire pump vehicles
Loading vehicles
Pump vehicles with water tanks
Chemical fire pump vehicles
Equipment and Loaded Items (Touch Monitor)
This pump operation system makes firefighting safer, faster, and more reliable by using a liquid crystal touch panel and electronic throttle in the control section. By operating switches on the touch panel and the electronic throttle dial, you can easily control pumping, use safety functions, and grasp various troubles early. Also, the LCD screen allows you to check the numerical values of multiple gauges centrally without switching screens. It also supports the optional automatic pressure control operation mode and the discharged water volume totalizer.
Fire Extinguishing Bottle
The Shobo fire extinguishing bottle is a bottle-shaped extinguishing agent that allows you to put out a fire simply by directly throwing at it. The bottle of this product is made of a unique material that breaks upon impact. You can also throw the bottle into a bucket or other container to break it and dilute the agent with water before use.
Fire Inspection
Fire equipment is required to be inspected periodically, and the inspection results must be reported to the fire department. Buildings designated by the Fire Service Law and buildings with plenty of human traffic are obliged to install fire sprinklers. In this regard, state-of-the-art automatic fire extinguishing systems have recently been developed, and such can be used as alternatives. Our engineers specializing in fire prevention systems design and install the latest equipment to ensure that the fire prevention systems in these facilities work safely and optimally, even in emergencies. After the installation, our service engineers will visit you periodically to perform maintenance and inspection services based on the contract to ensure that the installed system operates perfectly under any conditions.

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