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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:02

Fudo Giken Industry Co.,Ltd.

We are developing a wide range of business with our advanced machine design and drawing technology

We design motors (such as boilers, turbines, and gas turbines) for various power plants. We also handle related piping, auxiliary equipment, instrumentation electricity, civil engineering and architecture, wind power machines, windmills, ship machines, tire machines, space equipment, environmental equipment, and other equipment. We develop and design electronic and electrical instrumentation for automobiles, and create 3D animations for product promotion. We also engage in system development and IT training by making use of the advanced IT expertise we have been cultivating with our design work.

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Building a better society with design technology
Advanced design capabilities to handle a wide range of projects from various plant equipment to industrial machines
[Equipment for power plants]

We provide structural plans and detailed drawings for land-based boilers and exhaust heat recovery boilers in commercial and industrial thermal power plants.

Steam turbines
We provide basic planning, structural planning, and detailed design of steam turbines, which are called engines in power generation plant equipment. In addition, we also prepare data for material arrangements to support product manufacturing.

In after-sales service, we also diagnose equipment during periodic inspections and support the stable supply of consumable parts and other equipment.

Gas turbines
We make structural plans and detailed drawings for the main body of gas turbines used in combined cycle power plants, which are synonymous with clean energy.

We continue to pursue efficient design by incorporating 3D CAD. In after-sales service, we also diagnose equipment during periodic inspections and support the stable supply of consumable parts and other equipment.

Ancillary equipment
We conduct detailed design for heat exchangers and various tanks that accompany the main equipment of various power plants. We also provide material procurement services, such as the preparation of material arrangement data, to support product manufacturing.

[Equipment for industrial plants]
We provide support for designing space equipment and wind power generation.

[General industrial machines]
We provide design and drafting services for industrial machinery to manufacture tire machinery and other industrial products, including transport equipment.
We achieve accurate and advanced civil engineering and architectural design with IT technology
We make plans and perform calculations for steel structures and conduct systematic and detailed design for main structures of power plants, including boiler supports, turbine buildings, various racks, ancillary buildings, roads, foundations, pits, and trenches.

We plan and design the main structures of power plants.

[Structural analysis]
We use the STAAD Pro analysis tool to verify and analyze frame models.

[Product manufacturing support]
We use the Tekla Structures product manufacturing support tool in designing accurate, advanced models.

[Construction and installation planning support]
We support planning for the construction and installation of large components of various construction plant equipment.

[Wind power generation design support]
We provide support for designing the main bodies of wind turbines as well as and scaffolds and other equipment inside the main body of a wind turbine.
Development a next-generation thin client system through industry-university collaboration.
The Three Plus System is a customer-oriented system created by thoroughly analyzing the user's perspective to provide a more user-friendly thin client at a lower price.

This is a network-boot type thin client system that is also compatible with CAD, which can greatly reduce the cost of regular maintenance. 

The system is also remotely maintainable and uses a virtual environment called VMware, which allows you to update images on the server even while a user is using it. This reduces the maintenance workload, which makes it possible to reduce the workforce and focus human resources on the core business.

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