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Building a company for the future that can coexist with the environment

Based on precision sheet metal processing technology, we are engaged in the manufacture of numerous items of industrial and electrical equipment such as large-scale imaging devices. As part of our newly launched business, we have demonstrated an experimental VPP (Virtual Power Plant) that utilizes reused storage batteries from an electric vehicle, and the design and construction of a solar power generation system, as a joint project with other companies in 2012.  We participated in the “Factory of the Future” project together with Sumitomo Corporation in 2018. We are making advanced efforts.

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Sales Pitch

We will earn the trust of our customers with our achievements and our technology.
Contract manufacturing by Nippon Benex
Based on our precision sheet metal processing technology, we expanded our production to diverse areas, including large-scale video devices, industrial/mechatronics equipment, electric/electronic equipment, and air conditioning/thermal equipment.
Our specialized technical staff will support you from the design stage onward. The integrated production from design to production ensures provision of stable quality.
Moreover, we have built an advanced management structure using the BENEX production management system. We smoothly respond to your requirements through our offices in the Kyushu and Kanto regions, respectively.

[Strength of consigned production]

60 years of experience and achievements
We have experience and achievements obtained through being involved in the design and production of various electric/electronic devices such as large-scale video deices, emergency generators, large-scale air conditioning systems, and doors for ships.

From product development to production and assembly. An integrated service.
With an integrated production system that includes material procurement, development, design, production, and assembly, we can provide individual services that cater to the diversifying requirements of our customers.

Advanced technological ability and top-class sheet-metal processing capability in Kyushu.
With our technological capability that realized the design and development of various devices, including the state-of-the-art punching/laser compound machine, we continue to create many high quality devices.

We can accommodate high-mix low-volume production and quick deliveries.
With our unique BENEX production management system that accommodates high-mix low-volume production, we can speedily respond to the process from receiving order to the delivery of the product.
 We work on product design conscious of shortening work duration through utilization of the vast assembly/test run space of our factory.

Care for quality
We have built a trustworthy quality control system that can respond in detail to diverse requests. We are working daily on activities that improve the quality at each step in the process.
Japan Benex Environmental Energy Business
[IPP project]
Japan BENEX is a power generation operator that operates/manages power stations. We operate both (1) roof solar-power stations that lease the roofs of logistic facilities and warehouses and (2) field solar-power stations. These are mainly facilities with the capacity of 500 kw or more.

[EBC project]
We design/install our customers’ solar power stations.
We can also manage (O&M) power stations after they come online.
Mirai Factory Project
At the main factory of Japan BENEX, we started the “Future Factory” project in cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation, with solar panels installed on the roof, electric vehicles (EV, e-NV200), and a new type of storage battery system equipped with LEAF, the EV rechargeable battery by Nissan.

The on-site-consumption-type solar power generation system 276 kW installed on the roof supplies a part of the electricity used in the factory. During the power consumption peak at the factory, the storage battery system that uses 24 rechargeable EV batteries is used as the auxiliary power supply, contributing to the reduction in power costs. The EVs are used for the commutes and out-of-office business of the staff. The used batteries are recycled for the storage battery system to build a battery-reuse model.

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