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Saga Densan Center CO., LTD.

We pursue the potential of IT to help create a prosperous society

We supply integrated services related to the use of information, centering on Saga Prefecture. We provide system integration, software development, network services, outsourcing services, data input services, PC training, and a wide range of other operations. Several of our services have top market shares in Japan. These include our system for managing designated businesses in welfare services for persons with disabilities, for managing beneficiaries of facilities for children with disabilities, and for issuing physical disability certificates.

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Products and services
Solutions for local governments
Our solutions for local governments are systems best suited for making administrative services even more efficient and advanced. Demand for information processing services is increasing among local governments. This is why we offer comprehensive support for all the elements of IT ranging from system provision to introduction consultation to maintenance services.

<List of products>
Online management system for directories of enrollable students 
Online aid system for enrolled students
Management system for extracurricular clubs for children
Ledger system for permits for food businesses
Personnel assessment systems
Personnel health management systems
Welfare solutions
Our welfare solutions are systems that help prefectures and municipalities smoothen their business in welfare administration. Our systems are geared for today's ageing society with fewer children, and provide various solutions with a focus on local residents, such as nursing care insurance and welfare services. This helps to build a community where senior citizens and people with disabilities can live at ease.

<List of products>
Paperwork system for issuing physical disability certificates (for prefectures and core cities designated in governmental ordinances)
Paperwork support system for published programs (options for management systems for nursing care insurance operators)
Management system for designated operators for nursing care insurance (for prefectures and insured municipalities)
Management system for designated operators for welfare services for persons with disabilities
Fund management system for the welfare of single-parent families and widows 
Management system for beneficiaries of allowances for entry into facilities for children with disabilities and designating such facilities 
Management system for child consultation information
Broadcast email distribution system (management system for designated operators for nursing care insurance and options for management systems for designated operators for welfare service for persons with disabilities)
Allowance system for care of special children 
Allowance system for child care
Management system for atomic bomb victims
Other solutions
We provide public organizations, private businesses, and medical establishments with a wide range of solutions.

Educational solutions
Private solutions
Medical solutions
Outsourcing services
Infrastructure businesses
Support for RPA users

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