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Our company was established more than 70 years ago. We are a specialty grain manufacturer handling more kinds of grains than any other company in Japan. We have deep connections with commercial farms.

We have merchandise development power enabling an integrated system covering purchasing raw materials, planning merchandise, designing packages, and manufacturing products. Our company also manufactures many OEM products. We possess technology for blending lactic acid bacteria, collagen, and other functional materials with products. We manufacture healthy drinks, jellies, and other trendy products in addition to grain products. We were the first among rice wholesaling and grain processing food manufacturers in Japan to win halal certification. Our export business is also active. Our company has a high-quality proton freezer to manufacture and sell frozen cooked rice.

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A tasty and nutritious mixture of 21 kinds of grains, blended for a balanced daily diet.
We do more than just blend grains. We select them with a commitment to taste, color, and ease of eating. We incorporate our unique roasting and steaming processes to bring out a rich taste and flavor from the grains.
This product adds minerals from grains to your everyday diet. The product comes in stick packs, so the grains can be easily blended with rice before cooking. This popular product has continuously won the Monde Selection Gold Prize.

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