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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:17

Healthy-one Corporation.

Natural naringin ingredients and medical equipment

Method for refining natural naringin ingredients from citrus fruits
Natural naringin ingredients can be used as raw materials of a variety of products including various foods, additives, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, health foods, and functional foods.  

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Natural naringin ingredients
We perform all the processes ranging from raw material production to product production and sales.
Our company has the mission of contributing to our employees, clients, and the local community and has high aspirations by cherishing people as well as nature and promoting healthy and rich lives.
The citrus fruits used as raw materials of our products are cultivated in our farm (Healthy One Farm), complying with halal and kosher standards.
Our strong point is technologies for refining natural naringin ingredients from citrus fruits including the citrus maxima, citrus pseudogulgul, and Chandra cultivated in Japan. We have been developing other ingredients as well. 
We are making preparations to obtain certifications in line with domestic standards, global standards, and Global G.A.P.
Healthcare products
We promote healthy and rich lives. We provide home medical equipment and combined machines for static electricity and low frequency current therapies. 
Static electricity therapy: To relieve headaches, stiff shoulders, insomnia, and chronic constipation
Low frequency current therapy: To relieve stiff shoulders, prevent atrophy of paralyzed muscles, and provide massage effects
Please effectively use our product as a good partner of your family.


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