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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:19

Oguchi Co., Ltd.

“Oguchi Cold Planner” considers delivery efficiency and the global environment

A manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles, including cold storage type refrigerated vehicles that greatly contribute to global warming countermeasures and CO2 reduction, from light automobiles to 4-ton vehicles depending on the temperature range and delivery form.

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Cold storage refrigeration vehicle
The freezer is operated using electricity in the evening during the time it is not used for transportation to freeze the frozen plates. However, during transportation, the coldness from the frozen plates keeps the products in the container cool for approximately 8 h.

Unlike mechanical refrigerator cars that use the operation of the engine for cooling, this refrigerator car maintains the temperature of the products when the engine is switched off during the transportation. Thus, there is no worry of damage to the cargo during transportation when switching off the engine is inevitable, such as when delivering in the center of the city with traffic jams and parking in underground parking lots or in front of stores.
This refrigerator car contributes to the preservation of global environment by stopping idling.
Mechanical freezers
The direct operation of compressor from the engine conducts the cooling.
It is widely used in long-duration/long-distance transportation and in both large- and small-quantity transportation. The control panel on the driver's seat allows exact temperature control for refrigerated and frozen food, as well as for warm goods such as lunch boxes.
Light four-wheel truck refrigeration vehicle
You can choose between the mechanical and cold storage-type mini four-wheel track depending on the temperature, delivery time, and delivery environment. The box material is either FRP or colored steel plate. There are wide variety of doors, including one-touch sliding door, locking bar type sliding door, and single swinging door.
Hot cabinet for hospital food delivery
The biggest fear while delivering meals from the caterer to hospitals or welfare facilities is the growth of food poisoning bacteria such as E. coli or salmonella owing to the absence of temperature control during the delivery. To prevent this, the high-temperature chamber disinfects through heat above +65℃. The refrigerator temperature is maintained at +5℃ or below to prevent the growth of bacteria.
Mobile sales vehicles
It is a mobile sales vehicle that can offer both refrigerated and room-temperature food, fresh vegetables and general goods, as if it was a convenience store. Customers enter it by climbing the foldable stairs.
The stairs have a gentle inclination so that even elderly people can climb these without any difficulty. It also has a handrail to ensure safety.
The inside of the vehicle is climate-controlled, ensuring comfortable shopping for everyone. By installing the night-time power supply of the freezer, the trouble of repacking the unsold goods in the refrigerated display case and then restocking again the next day is eliminated.

We can design the space of the cargo bed in a layout that suits your merchandise type and purpose, for instance, installation of refrigerated or room-temperature display cases.

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