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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:30

Jidousha Koubou K.K.

Automobile maintenance and sheet metal coating / development and sale of original FRP products

We develop and manufacture FRP products. We manufacture original multi-use boxes to be installed in pickup trucks as well as parts for automobiles and motorcycles. We also manufacture and sell automobiles equipped with mobile toilets in which toilets are installed in the multi-use boxes.


Sales Pitch

Automobiles equipped with mobile toilets – dedicated original design
They are intended to be installed in places without public toilets. 
• Emergencies such as disasters, accidents, and traffic jams
• Outdoor events
• Exhibition houses
• Local recreation activities
• Construction sites
• Dedicated toilets for people who cannot use a portable toilet in a narrow space

• Toilets and beds for babies and infants can be installed in our automobiles. They can also be used as nursing rooms.
• Can be used by ostomates to change their stoma bags.
• Can be used for differentiation between ladies' and men's restrooms.
• Can be used in cases in which there is an intention to make their appearance less noticeable as toilets so as not to interfere with a scenery
• In emergencies, our automobiles can be immediately used as toilets without installing them if there is a place to park.
• Can be used as dedicated toilets for visitors in outdoor events.
Space-saving temporary portable toilets, which are used in most cases, are useful if many toilets should be installed. 
However, as shown in the above example, persons with children or disabilities cannot use such space-saving temporary portable toilets because of the narrow spaces. Therefore, issues about toilets in cases in which public toilets cannot be used can be very stressful for them. 

Toilets for such people should be designed so that they have a rather large space and are equipped with necessary facilities. However, there are not many temporary portable toilets that are prepared considering these conditions. In addition, there are not many places where toilets with such facilities can be installed. 

Issues about toilets are delicate ones and there is a reality that some people cannot use facilities like other people do without difficulty. 
In the beginning, we manufactured automobiles equipped with dedicated toilets for women, considering the opinions of a few. 
We achieved conditions that cannot be attained by portable toilets, including beds for babies, on which you can also put your bag, large sinks with a shower head for changing diapers, and so on. 

We made their appearance less noticeable as toilets so that people can use them more comfortably. These days, female employees are increasing in construction sites. Our mobile toilets can be used with security by such female employees and can reduce their stress. 

By distinguishing mobile toilets from portable toilets, you can use them to show hospitality by creating a special atmosphere of dedicated toilets for visitors. 

Furthermore, you can immediately prepare toilets in an emergency because of their mobility. When an earthquake or other disaster occurs, which seems to happen more often these days, you can immediately use mobile toilets if there is a place to park the automobiles. They are useful if temporary toilets cannot be installed in time.
You can change the color of their design, layout, and the like to match the image of your company. 
Additionally, the mobile toilet and automobile are separated and not integrated. Therefore, you can remove the multi-use box from the pickup truck and use it as a pickup truck without letting it lie idle, if the mobile toilet is to be used for a long time. 

Comparison with competitors’ products
Significant differences are:
• Our automobiles are registered as light vehicles, not as vehicles for collecting human waste.
• The mobile toilet and automobile are separated and not integrated. 
The greatest advantage of registration as a vehicle for collecting human waste is that you can drive the vehicle on which human waste is stored. However, in most cases, you request a service for collecting it from the local government. 
You need to register and make an application in advance in any case, that is, when you request the collection service or when you bring the waste to a waste disposal plant by yourself. In addition, you cannot bring the waste to the plant by yourself on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and some other cases, and the time they accept the waste is limited. Considering these conditions, we chose the registration as a light vehicle. 

The greatest advantages of registration as a light vehicle are as follows:
• Automobile inspections of light vehicles, including our automobiles, should be performed every two years, while the inspections should be performed once a year for vehicles for collecting human waste. Therefore, light vehicles have a huge advantage in terms of maintenance and operation cost. 
• The multi-use box on the back of the truck can be removed so that you can use the vehicle for its original purpose as a pickup truck without letting it lie idle.

Disadvantages are as follows:
• You need to remove the multi-use box from the automobile when you have an automobile inspection.
• You cannot drive the automobile on which human waste is stored on a public road because it is not a vehicle for collecting human waste.

Although you can drive an automobile storing human waste if you register it as a vehicle for collecting human waste, we instead register our vehicles as light vehicles whose interval between automobile inspections is longer as a general policy. This is because we decided that it is more desirable to drive the automobile after removing the waste, considering the risks such as unstable driving due to the increased weight, odor generated by vibration, and possible accidents. 
However, if you wish to register it as a vehicle for collecting human waste, of course you can do so. 

• Water supply tank: 100 L
• Human waste tank: 280 L
   Expected number of uses: 50 to 60 times
• Portable flush toilets (Western-style)
• A sink with a shower head can be installed.
• Can meet needs for changing its body color, interior layout, and the like as well as customization with your company logo.

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ

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