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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:20


Japan’s leading grease nipple manufacturer in domestic market share

We boast the No. 1 share of the Japanese grease nipple market Our local subsidiary in Thailand also deals directly with the Southeast Asian region. We also accept commissions for the end-to-end processing and production of metal products.

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Sales Pitch

Product Description
Our products
We manufacture grease nipples, pipe fittings, SD nozzles, brake lining rivets, and more.
Commissioned products
We can accommodate a variety of processes from end to end. 

・From prototyping to mass production, we can also deal with a wide range of lot sizes. 
・We can coordinate processes such as cutting, surface treatment, and simple assembly, and carry them out from end to end. 
・Previous examples of products we have been contracted to process include grease nipples, pipe fittings, and nozzles, which are made to our customers' specifications.
Production facilities
[Grease nipple production facilities]
 Cam-operated automatic lathe
 ・Multi-axis automatic lathe
 ・Single-axis automatic lathe
 Grease nipple processing machines
 ・Automatic hole drilling machine
 ・Automatic tap drilling machine
 ・Automatic assembly machine
 ・Automatic tightening machine
 ・Automatic inspection machine
 Rolling machines
 ・2, 3 die rolling machine
 ・High-speed rotary roller
 Cold press machines
 ・Part former
[Contract processing facilities]
 ・CNC automatic lathe
 ・CNC lathe
 ・CNC machining center
[Inspection facilities]
 ・Surface roughness and contour shape measuring instrument
 ・Measuring microscope
 ・Image dimension measuring machine
 ・3D coordinate measuring machine

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