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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:02

Prop Co.,Ltd.

Development, manufacturing, and sales of safety products for the construction and welfare industries

We design, develop, and sell safety equipment. We manufacture and sell safety belts designed to protect construction workers, along with wearable airbags, heat protection products, and other equipment.

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Product information
"Itsumo" lifejackets
This product absorbs the impact of falling from high or low places!
This reduces damage to the body.

When the product detects a fall, its airbag opens. It inflates instantaneously due to gas fed from an inflator (cylinder) to protect your head, cervical vertebrae, spinal cord, backbone, and lower back.
"Tackle" person catcher
The emergency locking mechanism won't let go once it bites something!
It catches and holds down an intruder without injury.
It's light enough for women to handle!
For kindergartens, schools, hospitals, facilities, convenience stores, and more!

It is made of a light, strong aluminum alloy (JIS 6063). It is easy for women to handle, too.
The bar is about 1,560 mm long, so it keeps a sufficient distance from an intruder for safety.
It has an emergency locking mechanism. Once it closes, it won't open.
You can gain enough time to let your precious children take refuge from an intruder.
It is shaped to catch and hold an intruder without injury. It acts as if to wrap around the intruder's torso.
If the intruder tries to run away while the locking mechanism is closed, the Tackle will prevent it. 
Sokai Shade
This product cuts out hot sunshine and ultraviolet rays!

It is light and smooth, and guards your neck!
The mesh on the ear part means you won't miss work instructions!

The product comes with an anti-slip surface on the rubber belt to be attached to your helmet!
The flap is soft and smooth, for a refreshing feeling on your skin!
It is antibacterial and deodorizing! Quick-drying, and ready to use right away!
The UV-cut base is extensive, increasing efficiency in cutting sunshine!
The mesh fabric on the ears has an insect-repellant effect!

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