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Latest update: 31/05/2023 12:08:15

R.Life Co., Ltd.

Leave your interior renovation needs to veteran craftsmen with 20 years of experience

Based in Kanonji City and Mitoyo City in Kagawa Prefecture, we are engaged in interior decoration business including cloth (wallpaper) replacement, curtains, blinds, rugs, carpets, cushion floor construction, etc. We also do remodeling of Japanese-style rooms, such as replacing fusuma and tatami mats.

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Corporate Business
Stores/Offices/Ohter Buildings
 When refurbishing or renovating an office, store, or other spaces, careful finishing is essential to get off to a pleasant start. Tailored to the customer's finished image and wishes, we flexibly respond to a variety of construction and renovation needs, such as flooring, carpet, wallpaper, cloth replacement, blind installation, and more.
 We value our image, appeal, sales and profits, as well as ease of work for our employees, and use our expansive knowledge to meet our customers’ expectations!
 When doing renovations, our craftsmen directly interview customers, and based on their wishes and opinions and the effects they expect from renovation, we make the best proposal according to the target demographic and store concept.

If you have any concerns about the interior construction of stores, offices, or other buildings, contact R.Life.
Condominiums / Apartments
 We undertake all interior renovations such as cloth replacement, floor and tatami mat replacement, painting and house cleaning.
 Scratches and dirt on the fittings and frames of rooms can be remade as new with painting. Work with us to make a higher-grade room that is more beautiful and has excellent design.
 We help real estate owners create optimal environments to increase their occupancy rates! We will respond to your needs, doing everything from partial renovations such as only cloth and floors to complete room renovations.
 Leave the interior renovation of rental apartments and condominiums to R.Life.

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