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We aim to improve people’s lives around the world, considering the development of global environments for the next generation.

We establish relationships with overseas customers through paper products, and offer proposals that satisfy demand. We carry out trade activities focusing on imports and exports so we can satisfy customer demands for paper and other products. We offer a wide range of products such as electric parts, machinery, apparel, automotive parts, and food. We will actively cultivate suppliers according to overseas demand, aiming to increase sales in foreign countries. We will also form business tie-ups with suppliers that can offer OEM services, so we can offer a greater number of unique products to customers.

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Sales Pitch

Luminoustar heat insulation paint
Luminoustar is a heat insulation paint made from a new resin material. It is eco-friendly, energy-saving, and economical. This product is less likely to crack or peel, because the material itself is flexible.
Luminoustar has a solar reflectance of 92.7%. It contains thermal insulating material called hollow beads, so it is highly effective in thermal insulation. It prevents temperature increases in buildings during summer to reduce power consumption by about 30 to 40%. It's new material means that Luminoustar has better performance than similar products already on the market.
Applying Luminoustar to the roof of a building or factory prevents increases in internal temperature during summer, and retains heat and prevents decreases in inner surface temperature during winter. It can also be used as a flexible coating surface for tents and so on.
Baby-related products
We offer baby products such as baby food (rice flour, rehydratable noodles), diapers, confectionery, and so on.
We want to deliver high-quality, safe, made-in-Japan products to overseas markets for baby products.
We think that giving safe food to growing babies and toddlers will have great effects on them and will benefit their future. We will research, discover, and propose demand-satisfying products other than those we are currently handling. Please contact us if you have a request for articles.
Water quality improving equipment
We propose water cleaning equipment such as water filters, carbonate springs, and showerheads. We want to contribute to improving the quality of people’s daily lives.
Fitting our water filter to a tap improves household water quality. Our carbonate spring generator is used for blood flow improvement or as health equipment by many people including patients with severe diabetes. Our micro-bubble showerhead is easy to install. It saves water, so it is economical. It retains heat, improves skin texture, and cleans the skin.
There are probably many countries around the world that have problems with water. Japan is fortunate to be an island nation with rich water resources, and has developed technologies in such an environment. We want to offer these technologies to people in other countries who have problems with water.

Other presentation

Our strength is that we can offer a wide variety of proposals without being limited to products that satisfy customer needs. We can offer proposals ranging from products for business use to those for consumers. We have many years of experience and a track record in handling various products. We have a sales base in Chile, South America, so we can procure South American products.

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