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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:18

NAYUTA Co., Ltd.

Realizing the efficient conversion of electrical energy

We develop, manufacture and sell specialized power supplies (for medical devices, EVs, automotive applications, residential equipment, and telecommunications). We have been working on a truly varied lineup of power supplies, including those for medical devices, system buses, player pianos, audio equipment, CATV and security equipment.

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Features of Nayuta's power supply technology for medical devices
[ Compact and lightweight ]
The largest component of electronic devices, not just medical devices, is the power supply. The question of how small and lightweight this power supply can be made greatly affects the size of the product itself. 

Eighteen years ago, we developed a highly accurate power supply for ultrasonic diagnostic devices, with which the characteristic noise of a switch-mode power supply did not impact the color images. We provided a world-first technology, and as a result, the size of the ultrasonic diagnostic device was reduced by 1/4.
[ Improving Efficiency ]
We have also improved efficiency in the power supplies for endoscope cameras. This not only makes the device itself smaller, contributing to the early detection of diseases, but also broadens the scope of its applications. In addition to diagnostic applications, it also allows endoscopes to be used in providing treatment, adding greatly to their potential.
[ Power storage control technology and hybrid technology for portable devices ]
Originally, “Mobil C2 Power – Medical”, an emergency power storage system, was developed as a noise countermeasure for medical systems as a whole. However, its success led to the birth of a lithium-ion version, the emergency power storage system “CUBOX.” 

Alongside this, we have built a DC/AC inverter in order to meet the need for a built-in backup power supply for existing medical devices. Currently, we are developing backup and hybrid power supplies for a variety of products.
Examples of power supplies for medical devices
We have created a number of products by developing power supplies that can meet IEC60601-1 Ed.3, an electrical safety standard for medical devices. Some of these are listed below 

Power supplies for ultrasonic diagnostic devices
Power supplies for ultrasonic tomography devices
Power supplies  for eye examination equipment
Power supplies for fundus cameras
Power supplies for endoscope devices
Power supplies for biometric information monitors
Low frequency electrode acupuncture treatment devices
Power supplies for blood pressure meters
Non-contact chargers for the remote controls of ultrasonic diagnostic devices
Backup power supplies for medical devices
Diversifying the development of custom power storage systems
Previously, many companies developed their in-house products entirely from scratch, leading to problems and difficulties during operation. As a result, we now receive many requests from them to develop customized power storage systems. As well as backup systems for medical devices, we deal in industrial robot batteries, industrial equipment batteries, relay base station batteries, communication equipment batteries, military batteries, and more

We are able to offer the inverter, charging, and battery technology that form the most important parts of power storage systems, as well as a wealth of operational experience. Get in touch with us and we can sort out everything.

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