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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:05

Hanoka Sharyo Co., Ltd.

There is no such thing as "ordinary luggage." We are a comprehensive logistics equipment manufacturer.

Our business comprises of three categories: industrial logistics equipment, airport logistics equipment, and welfare/nursing care equipment. We manufacture products that help you in various situations, from business to private life.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company manufactures and sells industrial logistics equipment (trolleys, lift trolleys, lifts, levelers, container support equipment, pallets, logistics support equipment, etc.), airport logistics equipment (airport carts, airport container dollies, bulk carts, etc.), and welfare/nursing care equipment (electric and foot-operated wheelchair lifts). For 78 years, we have met the needs of our customers, including factories, warehouses, airports using sophisticated technical skills and sincerity. Currently, we are expanding our activities to the world. We strive to create an ergonomic design so that the equipment is easy to use for everyone, regardless of their age or gender.
Main product/technology outline
In the airport logistics equipment business, our company manufactures and sells airport logistics equipment. We have delivered a wide variety of airport products (e.g., airport baggage carts, airport container dollies) to airline companies and airports, gaining a high share of the domestic market. In the field of industrial logistics equipment, we manufacture and sell various high-quality Dandy brand trucks, lift trucks with hydraulically raised and lowered tables, and table lifts for resolving level differences in truck yards and other places. As for the welfare and nursing care equipment, we offer equipment for wheelchairs, which resolves level differences in the house, facility, and other buildings.
About business matching
Our products, mostly Japan's first standardized mass-produced trolley brand born in 1965, are loved by professionals and people who value long service life for use scenes in factories and warehouses. Further, our company has provided logistics professionals with high value-added, high-performance, high function logistics equipment. Backed by the unchanged quality control, our high-quality products have met the needs of the customers in factories, warehouses, and airports for 78 years, gaining popularity even outside Japan.

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