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We tackle environmental issues with renewable energy.

Unlike conventional geothermal utilization systems, Geo-Max is a system where a pipe with an internal diameter of 800 mm or 600 mm is buried horizontally and surrounded with underground water, circulating water, or a similar supply of water for the efficient exchange of underground heat. It is thus a large-draft energy-saving system. This has made underground water accessible to factories, gyms, public facilities, condominiums and apartment houses, gardening houses, livestock facilities, and similar establishments.

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Enterprises and features
With the geothermal utilization air-conditioning system Geo-Max as our central technology, we have been promoting FRP water reservoirs small (2-ton) to large (more than 1,000-ton) and other environmental-related business. We also handle odor control, dust-combating products, rat damage controllers, and other equipment, and provide consultation on livestock barn construction. Yet another series of products we handle are those from Dica Polymer Co., Ltd., a supplier of Geo-Max products.
Overview of our products and technologies
Our geothermal utilization air-conditioning system Geo-Max is a system in which a pipe is surrounded with water to exchange heat passively with the air (this is usable for both cooling and heating). FRP water reservoirs consitute a rich lineup of products from tank types for 2-ton to 10-ton purposes to panel types for use in situations requiring 1,000-tons. Large panel-type units, in particular, are highly earthquake-resistant, hygienic, and durable, thereby being particularly suited for drainage treatment systems for livestock and similar purposes. We are thus able to respond to and support our customers, in whatever way they are using the products.. When consulting on livestock and faclity gardening, we make proposals from land lot selection and site preparation, to environmental measures and other construction work in general.
Toward matching
With the extreme weather conditions due to global warming hittinng the headlines throughout the world every year, the spotlight has turned to renewable energy. Above all, underground heat is known to have outstanding stability throughout the year. The Geo-Max technology, where the installed pipe is surrounded with water, is unique and a the system embodying the technology is buried at a depth of only 2m , making it easy to work on and reducing initial installation costs at a low level. The technology also uses energy-saving materials, thereby making it possible to greatly reduce running costs. We are certain that this Geo-Max development, which effectively uses underground heat, solar heat, and waste heat, will bring about a major turnaround in the energy situation not only in Japan but in the rest of the world as well.

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