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JST Co., Ltd.

We are the leading company in steel structures including steel towers and bridges. We also develop skyscrapers and large SCs.

Since foundation in 1922 (Taisho 11), we have contributed to society as a top company in steel structures by consistently promoting research and development and developing new products and technologies, including the development of the world's first steel tower made of hollow steel. We also develop high-rise office buildings and large shopping centers, and operate large-scale mega-solar power plants.

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Steel towers, bridges, special steel structures, hot-dip galvanizing, long life maintenance, design, analysis and experiments
Steel tower business
We are the pioneer of hollow steel tube towers and the world's leading company that develops large hollow steel tube towers. We have contributed to the construction of power transmission and communication networks in Japan and overseas by designing and manufacturing most of the super-large steel towers across the straits, providing power transmission and communication towers. In recent years, we have been actively making proposals for longer-lasting steel towers and maintenance by combining advanced manufacturing technology and analysis and anti-corrosion technologies.
[Example of construction results]
- Hyuga trunk line (500kv high-voltage transmission line connecting approximately 120km between Higashi-Kyushu substation and Himuka substation)
- Offshore wind observation tower (Wind observation tower related to offshore wind observation system verification research)
- Hibiki LNG terminal chimney support tower (Hibiki LNG terminal construction, construction of plant equipment)
- Communication towers, stadium lighting poles and NT system, etc.
Bridge business
We started our bridge business in 1963. Since then, we have worked on many of the famous long-sized bridges in Japan and contributed to the development of core infrastructure in Japan. During this time, we have been focusing on technological development including the development of plated bridges that have dramatically improved anti-corrosion properties by utilizing our high technology and abundant experiences. In recent years, while the aging of social infrastructure created during the high-growth period has become a social issue, we have been actively working on bridge reinforcement and repair projects including installation of bridge prevention systems and replacement of bearings. We propose the optimal reinforcement and repair methods in consideration of various design and construction conditions for each site and thorough investigation and examination.
[Example of construction results]
- Joint merger work of replacement of the Yutabashi Bridge across the Kagetsu River (superstructure) work (Hita City in Oita Prefecture), Won the distinguished service award of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
- Superstructure construction work of the bridge across the Iwaki River on the national highway No. 101 Iwakigawa Bridge  (Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture), Won the excellent construction award!
- Superstructure construction work of the connecting bridge at the Shin-Kitakyushu Airport (fourth construction section) (Kanda-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture)
- Superstructure construction of Osawa second bridge (Kesenuma City, Miyagi Prefecture)
- Superstructure construction and seismic reinforcement work for the urban monorail Kokura line
Special steel structures
We have participated in well-known special steel structure projects, such as the TOKYO SKYTREE® and Tetsujin 28, based on our advanced technology and experience cultivated over many years in the tower and bridge business. We also manufacture various special steel structures including disaster prevention poles and solar cell mounts, according to the needs of society. We continue to provide high quality products that satisfy our customers through our customized design and manufacturing capabilities. 
[Example of construction records]
- TOKYO SKYTREE® and so on
Featured products and technologies
Low noise telescopic removal method (SJS method)
This is the epoch-making construction method that uses a proprietary wire saw machine to remove the bridge extension device with low noise and low vibration.
Currently, mold breakers are used in the majority of removal works of expansion joint equipment. On the other hand, the SJS method, which was invented to minimize damage to the remaining slab, has realized low noise and low vibration by using a wire saw, which itself enables nighttime construction.
 We have enhanced this method to achieve dry wire construction. By realizing zero sludge water generated during cutting, the burden of curing is greatly reduced, and the cutting speed has became faster than that of wet-type wire.
Ultrasound diagnosis
This is state-of-the-art ultrasonic diagnostic equipment that has realized a diagnosis of corrosion on the inner surface of a hollow steel tube tower, which was difficult to detect before.
As for the maintenance of hollow steel tube towers for power transmission, we conducted research and development based on the theme of "what can we do to use facilities and equipment as safely as possible and for as long as possible?" As a result, we succeeded in inventing a revolutionary maintenance management method for steel pipes called the "NT-Structural Life Extension System". Recently, we have received positive feedback from many energy companies.
Member replacement method
This is a very responsive construction method in which the entire tower does not need to be dismantled and only some of the members affected by corrosion are replaced with new members.
No standard method has been established for the replacement of the web member of conventional steel pipe towers. For steel towers with large loads, the stress of the web member that is constantly acting on the web member was large on the steel towers, so that it was impossible to replace the web member with existing tools. In order to overcome these problems, we have developed the web member replacement jig (horizontal reinforcement jig) and diagonal tensioning device. We also established the web member replacement method.

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