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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:48

Hannan Foods Packaging Co.,Ltd.

We supply packages protected against contamination with foreign matter that can be distributed with peace of mind

We manufacture our own kraft paper bags for food suppliers. In the molding (tubing) and polyethylene bag-making processes, we inject clean air to block foreign matter (to protect against openings), and thoroughly implement quality control.

Changes over time such as product deterioration due to oxidation or moisture depend largely on the type of film used in the inner casing.

Leave it to us for designing and manufacturing products with optimal specifications for maintaining the functions of your products.

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Product information
Defect detection system
Immediately after startup of a machine for making polyethylene film and other inflation film (after the start of manufacturing), the polyethylene that remains in the extrusion machine may become carbonized, producing fish-eyes, gel, or burns, which may stick to the film.

It is highly unlikely that they will detach from the rest of the film and become mixed in with the contents as foreign matter. However, pigmented contents will stand out especially if the contents are white, and users may be concerned about the coloration.

Together with our machinery for making kraft paper bags and polyethylene bags, we have a system for detecting and removing pigmented impurities more than 0.5 mm in diameter. This has a high probability of preventing the outflow of the carbonized material mentioned above, or insects adsorbed by static electricity.
Tensile tester
Kraft bags consisting of external bags made of kraft paper that are later filled with polyethylene bags are widely used. The sealing status of the inner polyethylene bag loaded into the kraft paper bag cannot be checked by the factory that fills it with a product.

Our company processes the interior polyethylene bags of such kraft paper bags from tubular raw material into bags. We measure their sealing strength, and load the bags in the next process.

Our kraft paper bags can be filled with products and shipped with peace of mind.
Metal detectors
Paper bags are packed in kraft paper in units of 50 to 100 sheets before being delivered to our customers.

After packing, they are passed through two metal detectors connected in series to prevent the flow of metal foreign matter out of the factory, before stocking and shipping.

The two metal detectors arranged in series have magnetic coils wound in different directions. Regardless of the angle at which metal foreign matter is mixed in, all iron particles more than 2.0 mm and all Sus particles more than 3.0 mm are reliably detected.

We are promoting initiatives to adopt items that can be detected by metal detectors as much as possible for items used in our factory, such as equipment ancillary parts and consumables.

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