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Please leave it to us to design and manufacture distribution systems and lift tables, and for machining precision machinery.

Please leave it to us to design and manufacture distribution systems and lift tables, and to machine precision machinery and equipment. Our reliable technical capabilities and experience conform to various special specifications suitable for satisfying your needs in detail. This is backed up by our business with numerous representative Japanese companies.

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Distribution systems, lift tables
Lift tables
- Hydraulic lift tables

- KT series:
- Low-floor type, loading capacity can be raised up to 3,000 kg
- Low-priced because mass-produced
- Standard operation by foot switch, switchable to two-point pushbutton
- Hydraulic unit based on valves with pressure compensation, so the decline velocity can be kept almost constant (except for 0.4 kW) despite changes in loading capacity 
- Silent, and can be installed where noises are not welcome. A new arm system is used, resulting in high efficiency and a reduced motor horsepower requirement as well as energy-saving.
- Standard color: Munsell 10G 5/5.5
- Use frequency: 150 times (stopping frequency)/day, *For KFT-300, 90 times (stopping frequency)/day

- SL series:
- The bearings are non-oil-supply metal, and maintenance-free
- Waste-free shapes that are functionality oriented
- User-friendly, silent 
- Low-priced because mass-produced
- Standard operation by foot switch, switchable to two-point pushbutton
- Adopts a new efficient and energy-saving cam system
- Hydraulic unit based on throttle with pressure compensation, for an almost constant decline velocity despite changes in loading capacity
- Options available: slope (650, 700, 800, 900, and 1,000 mm × 555 mm).
- Standard color: Munsell 10G 5/5.5
- Use frequency: 75 times (stopping frequency)/day

- KTL series (single-stage to four-stage):
- Operation of first and second stages by foot switch (switchable to two-point pushbutton); standard operation of third and fourth stages by three-point pushbutton 
- Hydraulic unit installed inside (third and fourth stages in a different style depending on the model). First and second stages with throttle with pressure compensation. The decline velocity remains almost constant despite changes in loading capacity (second stage up to 2.2 kW).
Standard color: Munsell 10G 5/5/5
- Use frequency: 300 times (stopping frequency)/day

- TQC series:
- Standard color: Munsell 10 G 5/5.5
- Operation (Standard operation for first and second stages by foot switch, switchable to two-point pushbutton. Standard for third and fourth stages by three-point pushbutton.)
- Use frequency: 300 times (stopping frequency)

- Motor-driven lift tables

- DL series:
- Table holds for a long period at the same level (with braked motor)
- Excellent positioning precision for table level.
- Easy to maintain.
- Very efficient, best suited for energy conservation
- Low noise level, silent.
- With an encoder, table level is easy to position (optional). 
- Use frequency: 20,000 times
<Main uses: Theatrical stage equipment, conveyor lines, food factories, aircraft maintenance docks, automotive and railroad car service factories, drug factories, assembly factories, machine factories, various other production lines>

- KGL series:
- New system eliminates concerns over settlement and deflection.
- Highly durable, can be used with high frequency.
- High stopping precision and can be held for a long period.
- Motor-driven: free from oil leakage and clean.
- Use frequency: 300 times/day
<Main uses: Various conveyor lines, production lines, assembly lines, machine factories, automatic warehouses, theatrical stage equipment, food factories, drug factories, automotive and railroad car service factories>
Precision running gear, dock levelers, Kadore Clean
-KRT series (precision running gear Robo Run)

- Driven by a rack and pinion system: precise positioning possible. (A ball screw driven type can also be produced, but its motion stroke would be up to 2,000 mm.) 
- Maximum motion velocity can be up to 120 m/min. (Standard motion velocity: 30 m/min.)
- The rack for the running gear is extendable (optional).
<Main uses> These products can be provided with various units, robots, and the like to make them do work such as assembly, welding, and conveyance. They can also be made to special specifications.

- Hydraulic dock leveler

- Equipped with the latest hydraulic technology, and a development principle with a focus on simplicity and durability makes the product inexpensive.
- The product comes equipped with guard plates on both sides as standard equipment to ensure safety for workers while operating a dock leveler.
- One simple push on a pushbutton ensures speedy handling.

- Kadore Clean (cleanser and deodorizer)
This product consists of a soil-derived germ (bacteria) screened by the Meiji Institute. The mycological nature of the germ is classified as a hay bacillus named Bacillus subtilis BN1001. Our company turned this BN germ into a drug and commercialized it, and it can be used for various uses. (This is a household everyday sundry item to reduce oil and fat in drain water, for deodorizing, to inhibit algae, and to accompany household garbage processors.) 
Techno Division: Production of large and small parts for use in production equipment for semiconductors, liquid crystals, and solar panels
Characteristics of the Techno Division
Our Techno Division mainly produces large and small parts for use in production equipment for semiconductors, liquid crystals, and solar panels.

This Division is equipped with a system for continuous production ranging from material procurement to part manufacturing, plating, and painting to minimize the price you may have to pay for the final product. This is how we make it possible to supply parts to a wide variety of manufacturers.

We also take advantage of the features of our company. We have several gun drill machines on-site that we manufactured in our Machine Division, which enables integrated production for all processes from deep boring to finished products.

We also collaborate with our steel-working factory to supply products that satisfy customer needs for all processes ranging from steel working to machining, along with machinery design of machinery and assembled finished products in collaboration with our Technical Department.

We manufacture all products with high expertise under integrated production in our own factories, which is how we provide our customers with reliable products.
Deep boring
1. Our company philosophy is to observe lead times.
2. We constantly have several GD machines in operation.
3. We inspect all products after machining.
4. We deliver all our products with their inspection tables attached.
5. We respond in good faith to everyone who seeks a consultation or places an order.
6. We respond to demands for iron, nonferrous metals, resin, castings, and various other materials.
7. We use our own machines for gun drilling, so we constantly service them, keep them in the best condition, and machine products with high precision.
Precision machining
We make use of our original total technology that we have been cultivating since our foundation to supply high-precision products.

Just like in a clock, for example, the slightest deviation in the precision of any part produces a great error.

We take full advantage of our various kinds of state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment to bring in error-free machining technology.

For example, in our five-plane machining units we speedily machine the five planes other than the one that is in contact with the floor without even the slightest error.

Set materials will display a neat appearance in a short time, just as if several craftsmen machined their products at the same time.

We bring together features like neat surfaces polished like mirrors, curves that display gentle curves, and holes small enough to prevent even a needle from passing through them. The results make a display in space of machining techniques worthy of being called artistic.

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