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We design and manufacture optimal driers, heat treatment furnaces, and deodorizers for your company!

We design and manufacture industrial driers, vacuum driers, heat treatment furnaces, heating furnaces, deodorizers, ethylene oxide gas treatment devices, and other equipment.

We combine our technologies for heat control, wind control, air pollution prevention, machine design, and engineering, along with numerous other technologies that we have been cultivating through our many experiences since our foundation, to propose optimal systems that meet your requirements, ranging from stand-alone equipment to plant equipment. 

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Our features
We control heat (hot and cold), air flows, and humidity with our unique technologies for custom-made driers, environmental testers, heat treatment furnaces, and other technologies that we have been cultivating through our extensive experience.
We handle electricity, steam, heat transfer oil, burners, hot water, and various other heat sources.
We handle vacuum, acid-free atmosphere (nitrogen purging), clean, and various other conditions.
We can treat organic gases (VOCs).
We have extensive experience in deodorization with catalytic combustion,deodorization with concentrated catalysts,ammonia deodorization with our unique technology and others.
We can also propose explosion-proof systems and so on that make use of our knowledge of organic gas.
Treating ethylene oxide gas (EOG)
Handling various fluids (gas, liquid, and powder)
Manufacturing transfer lines and other large equipment
Manufacturing various equipment with built-in devices
A wealth of know-how about automation and other mechanical or electrical interlocking with existing equipment
We design everything on our own.
Our factory is 40 meters long and 11 meters high, and we can also manufacture large machinery. We carry out sheet metal processing in general.
We can manufacture racks, frames, and large machines made of various steel sections (such as angles, channels, and H-shaped steel sections).
We can manufacture transfer lines and other large devices.
We are fully equipped with laser cutters, shear rings, benders, and other devices that cut, bend, and weld sheet metal in-house.

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