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We do business under the slogan, "When it comes to metal working, we can produce all kinds of products."

Our main business is metal working for producing products in the following four business fields: Automotive components, amusement equipment parts, environmental equipment parts, and railcar parts.  
We have an integrated production system that allows us to perform processes related to steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, such as the following: Machine processing, welding, thermal caulking, coating, assembly, passivation, anodizing, and anodic oxide coating.
In order to continuously be a company indispensable to people in changing times, our company is constantly making progress. One of the methods for achieving such progress is developing new technologies for the next generation. By cooperating with nearby organizations such as universities and companies, we develop barrier-free cutting machining technology with high productivity and LED lighting equipment for plant cultivation.

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Product information and technologies which we are good at
Product information
- Suspension components
- Air cleaner components
- Door components
- Oil pan components
[Agricultural equipment]
- Fuel tank components
- Seat components for railcars
[Amusement equipment]
- Slot machine cabinets made of steel sheeting
[Environment-related equipment]
- Power conditioners
- Power conditioner silencers
[Traffic-related equipment]
- Traffic light controller bodies
[Products related to beverage containers]
- Beer barrel servers
Technologies which we are good at
Our company actively supports trial production, including development, in and after the planning stage. 
Based on image drawings that are the bases of formal drawings, we discuss specifications with clients, exchange ideas, and make various proposals. 
We support trial production including design. By utilizing our experience nurtured for many years, we meet various requirements of clients.
We have accumulated experience in performing all processes, which are design, development, part production, assembly, and completion, for producing products developed by us, and established unique know-how based on the experience.  
We carefully listen to clients for information such as desired specifications, requirements, and improvements. By utilizing the information and the design based on the established unique know-how, and by collaborating with the production site, we are making efforts to produce better products. 

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