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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:59


We supply Japan's first series of products full of ideas based on styrene foam and polyurethane hybrid resin

We are a company of craftsmen with about 35 years of experience in manufacturing floats for floating piers. In 1999, we established Japan's first process for coating styrene foam with polyurethane hybrid resin. We now supply various products to the construction field and various other industries.

We provide our customers with excellent products based on ideas and technologies by focusing on the four values of customized quality that exceeds expectations, speedy responses, one-stop service, and communication-oriented staff.

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Our technologies and businesses
Architectural decoration 3D business
While taking advantage of the features of soft styrene foam, Deco-Form is also strong and enables designs and molds with limitless flexibility. It is used in a wide range of applications, from shop signs to architectural exterior equipment.
Green wall planting
[EPS Green Wall]
With specially coated styrene foam planters, we have been delivering numerous products based on wall greening technology, which combine design with functionality.
Aquaculture flotation business
[Marine floatation]
Our floats for aquaculture rafts were born from our development know-how for industrial floats that require high degrees of technical expertise. Styrene foam is used as the material for the float core.
Marine fender business
[Marine fenders]
Our original series of lightweight yet robust ship fenders are made of foamed material. We have an extensive lineup of products, from lightweight, inexpensive fenders for small vessels to hybrid fenders for midsize vessels.

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