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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:28

Shotoku Kogyosho, Inc.

Dedicated team for metal heat treatment, using the heat of enthusiasm

We provide customers with processing services that meet their required specifications by combining various heat treatment technologies.	
We can accommodate various requests in areas such as order volumes, costs and delivery with our range of furnaces, from continuous furnaces, which are suitable for mass production, to batch furnaces, which can accommodate small-lot production. 
Stable processing operations are made possible by our two factories at flood-proof locations in Osaka and Nara, respectively

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Metal heat treatment of steel parts
The latest vacuum carburizing technology.
“Quenching with low distortion, which was previously impossible, is now available. “
We have introduced a three-chamber vacuum carburizing furnace for gas cooling, which is rare in Japan, that can be used for oil cooling (60°C, 120°C) and gas cooling. 
As the carburization heating takes place in a vacuum, abnormal layers do not form.
High density carburization is available, which improves the abrasion resistance of the product surface.
Vacuum nitrocarburizing is also available, so steel types of low hardenability can now be handled.
There is a separate chamber for pressurized gas cooling, which makes the application of gas quenching possible for thin materials.
By applying carburized quenching using hot quenching oil and gradual cooling speeds, distortion can be reduced.
Optimal for heat treatment of steel products used in automobiles and machine equipment (gears, bearings).
Add value processing technology for screws
“The use of our varied equipment and proprietary technology enables the thermal treatment of screws that were previously considered impossible. “
1. Make stainless steel screw surfaces harder for piercing steel plates.
  Example of vacuum carburization quenching applied: Surface hardness: HV700 to 1000
2. Make stainless steel harder without magnetizing it.
  The product can be hardened to “HV500” or higher by carburizing it in a vacuum.
3. Screws with no tradeoff between viscosity and strength.
  Example of special carburization quenching applied: Surface hardness: HV750; core hardness: HV300
4. Quenching that enables easy plating.
  Grease and bonderized coating can be removed and defects can be improved by applying our unique cleaning methods.
5. Cheap manufacture of stainless steel screws.
  Thirty percent cost reductions can be achieved by converting batch processing to consecutive processing
6. Process hard steel into complex shapes.
  The application of a nonoxidation annealing process enables the processing of complex shapes even for bonderized high-carbon screws.
7. Case-hardening long bolts having a length of 500-mm length.
  Using special heat treatment, the bend correction process can be omitted even for long bolts.
Other metal heat treatment technology
We respond to customers’ requests by utilizing various technologies “
Consecutive treatment from bright quenching and tempering, carburization quenching and tempering, carburization furnace quenching and tempering, blackening treatment, vacuum quenching and tempering, bright annealing, vacuum annealing, tempering, solution heat treatment, aging treatment, subzero treatment, shot blasting, dephosphorization, and dephosphorization + heat treatment + anticorrosion treatment
Continuous processing of dephosphorization + heat treatment + rust prevention treatment
Continuous processing by utilizing IIoT technology
“We provide stand-alone quality assurance for ‘dephosphorization + heat treatment + rust-proofing’ applied to high-strength bolts of low cost and high corrosion resistance. “
Bolts that are used in parts that are exposed to bad weather and tightened with high torque, such as those used in construction.
Using IoT technology enables us to control processing conditions, and the durations and intervals that are applied to processing, thus ensuring continuous operations under optimal conditions.
As we provide standalone quality assurance, customers can substantially reduce the number of checking processes required.
Previously, the whole process took 10 to 14 days, as it was undertaken by three different companies, which required mutual consultation as to the transport and processing arrangements. Stand-alone processing has helped us shorten this duration to two to three days, 
 enabling substantially shorter delivery times. As a result, cost reductions are also possible.
Special atmosphere tempering technology
By applying special ambient temperatures, the occurrence of oxidation scales can be avoided, and with no requirement for shot blasting, the anticorrosion quality can be stabilized, offering improved coating
Previously, nitrogen gas from liquid nitrogen and vacuuming were used to prevent the occurrence of oxidation scales; however, the use of special ambient temperatures has enabled
 substantial cost reduction.
Anticorrosion treatment technology
Previous types of zinc aluminum flake coating were costly, as they required the payment of license fees.
Our unique method of zinc aluminum flake coating ensures twice as much anticorrosion performance relative to ordinary types of zinc plating treatment, 
 at lower costs compared with conventional coating methods.
There is no issue in terms of hydrogen brittleness. Eco-friendly chrome-free treatment




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