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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:03

Broccoli Share Co.,Ltd.

Summary of our business
- Developing and producing "Beingbox", our original novelty item made from an eco-friendly material, and proposing how to utilize the product
- Mental training that utilizes plant cultivation practices 

"Beingbox" assists your company in providing better service.
We designed the new product "Beingbox", a foldable and simple open box made of Yupo paper (synthetic paper produced by YUPO CORPORATION). 
The synthetic paper, which does not contain pulp, is paper for forest preservation. 
When it is burnt, harmful substances such as chlorine-type gas, bad smells, and soot are not emitted. 
"Beingbox", which looks like a paper craft part, is commercialized as a product composed of only one sheet of paper. When it is assembled without the use of glue and Scotch tape, it becomes a three-dimensional container.
As of June 2022, we are preparing to file a patent application. 
We propose using the product as a food or drink container for outdoor activities or during a disaster. 
When the base blueprint is customized, companies in various industries can introduce "Beingbox" as their original product suitable for their styles.
- Proposing the introduction of "Beingbox" as a new product
- Proposing it as novelty goods
- Proposing it for planning events  
- Proposing it as emergency supplies to be stored in companies
We are able to propose various methods for using the product.
Since "Yupo paper" is waterproof, it can be used for food or drink containers for outdoor activities or in case of emergency. 
When "Beingbox" is not used, it can be folded and stored, saving space. 
In addition, since you can fold it and carry it with you, it is convenient. 
- Mental training through plant cultivation practices -
"Beingbox" can be used as a planter. 
We are preparing a mental care training program in which participants will cultivate plants for mental health.


Sales Pitch

"Beingbox" serves as a food or drink container for outdoor activities or during a disaster.
"Beingbox" serving as outdoor goods
If you fold "Beingbox", put it into your pocket, and then walk, you can enjoy outdoor activities without feeling discomfort. 
When you want to use a cup while you are climbing a mountain, you can assemble "Beingbox" to a three-dimensional container in seconds and immediately use it. 
Since "Beingbox" can be folded and carried, you can put many pieces of "Beingbox" into your bag and use them as food or drink containers for a barbecue.    
"Beingbox" serving as a food or drink container in case of emergency such as a disaster 
Since "Beingbox" can be folded flat and stored, many pieces can be put into an emergency bag. 
Since "Beingbox" is waterproof, you can use it again after it is used in an emergency drill, washed, and then dried. 
Since it is made of paper, you can freely write characters or draw pictures on it. For example, you can paint colors on it for your private use, write a message for your family members, or write the name of the shelter.
"Beingbox" serving as a novelty item or event goods
If your company prints your company's logo, name, or original design on the surface of "Beingbox", your company can produce a unique "Beingbox". 
Since "Beingbox" is assembled and completed from one part only, it is suitable for workshops in events or the like.

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