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Founded in 1932. A general manufacturer/distributor of vacuum pumps, vacuum meters, and various vacuum devices. 

Vacuum technology is found in many fields today, from space development to electronics, energy, scientific research, electricity, electronics, pharmacology, foods, optics, automotive engineering, metal, steel, and related areas, as well as other industries. These technologies contribute greatly in all areas, ranging from research and development to the production processes in all industries. The results of this technology have penetrated all corners of our lives as well. 
PHIL Sato Vac Inc. has for the past eight decades continued to promote technical innovation and has been constantly conducting research and development with a user focus as a comprehensive vacuum manufacturer of vacuum pumps, vacuum meters, component technology for producing various vacuum parts, along with groups of vacuum devices based on that vacuum technology, vacuum drying, vacuum baking, vacuum heating, vacuum vapor deposition, vacuum film formation, super-high vacuum exhaust, vacuum injection, vacuum impregnation, and other technologies. 
We believe that PHIL Sato Vac's corporate activities, motivated by its customer-first principle, pursue the limitless possibilities of vacuum technology according to its management PHILosophy and supply products that match user needs.
"In this field, we have one of the top-ranking technologies. We are second to none in this area. Although we are not a large company, we have a particular advantage in certain categories and our own unique, unrivaled brands."
Constantly aiming high, fueled by our tireless challenging spirit in creative manufacturing, we will continue to fascinate and inspire them with technology. In the field of small-to-mid-size belt-driven vacuum pumps, we have acquired the largest share in Japan. In devices, we turn vacuum drying, vacuum heating, and vacuum film formation into products that match user needs by taking advantage of technology available from Sato Vac alone. We pursue not only corporate size and recognition but aim to develop technology to its utmost and continue to remain competitive with our brands that are unique in the world. This represents the pride of us at Sato Vac, which we have been cultivating through our history of more than eight decades.

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Vacuum pumps
We offer a strong lineup of various vacuum pumps from small-to-mid-size models for research and development, as well as large models for production. You can select the kinds of vacuum pumps that meet your particular use, purpose, and operating environments.
Our oil rotary vacuum pumps, which are our main product, are cherished by numerous users for their high durability. Above all, belt-driven vacuum pumps contain large amounts of oil inside, resulting in low oil deterioration, and running at low rpm speeds, resulting in low rises in slide temperature, thereby boasting very high durability. This makes them particularly suited for organic synthesis, chemical materials, and similar applications.
A long lineup of peripherals
With our enhaustive stock of series of vauum meters covering atmospheric to high-vacuum regions and oil filtration systems that prevent vacuum pump oil from deteriorating due to water ingress, along with peripherals, joints, and various other groups of accessories according to your uses, thereby meeting your demands in producing and using a vacuum, we allow you to select the kinds of equipment and combinations that meet your particular use.
Vacuum devices
Good at various vacuum devices customized to meet your requirements, we embody your demands in the form of vacuum devices (such as vacuum drying, vacuum baking, vacuu heating, vauum vapor deposition, vacuum film formation, super-high-vacuum exhaust, vacuum injection, and vacuum impregnation).
In vacuum driers and vacuum bakers, in particular, we have accumulated technologies from our long years of experience and excel in making good proposals due to our long lineup of options, thereby allowing you to cover a wide range of possibilities ranging from research and development to production. They are widely used mainly in the vacuum drying of semiconductor parts, electrical and electronics parts, electronics materials, metals, ceramics, new materials, foods, medicines, and other materials.
We are much experienced also in vacuum impregnators designed to impregnate mainly transporters, coils, and other electrical materials with insulating oil. We can also meet various requirements for heating, non-heating, pressurization, agitation, and various other types as well.

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