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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:26

Ogasawara Chuzo Co., Ltd.

We are a foundry that can flexibly meet a wide range of requirements. Please feel free to contact us for anything with respect to foundries.

We are a foundry that can flexibly meet a wide range of requirements. We can handle all machine tool parts, small or large, according to our customers’ needs. We also offer various consultations on topics such as changing from can-making products to foundries and design advice. Using the internet for specification calibration and information exchange, we promise you a quick and accurate transaction.

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Advice to Ogasawara Chuzo customers
For customers who are new to foundry production
Cost reduction through casting or wooden mold (metal dies)
Casting has many special characteristics. As casting specialists with deep knowledge of these characteristics, we have earned the trust of our customers through advice on cost reduction, precision improvement, and weight reduction for developing new casting products.
Please see the examples of our past advice.
For customers considering changing from welded structures to foundry casting
The benefits of switching from welded structure (sheet metal products) to casting.
Casting has the following benefits that welded structures (sheet metal products) do not have.
It can absorb vibration.
It can reduce production costs.
It can improve precision and strength.
It can improve appearance.
Please see the examples of our past advice.
For customers considering changing from material to foundry casting
Material and strength are the keys.
The benefit of switching from steel to casting is the reduction of material and processing costs. When changing to casting, we offer consultation on issues such as materials.
Please see the examples of our past advice.
Example advice for main products and customers
Main products
Machine tools
<Parts for machine tools in general from small to large machines.>
Bed FC 2500 kg, FC 2100 kg, FC 750 kg, and XZ table FC 1300 kg
Table FC 750 kg, Spindle bracket FC 750 kg, Saddle FC 650 kg, Carrier table FC 500 kg, Main rotating body FC 500 kg, Spindle FC 120 kg, Headstock FC 50 kg, and Bracket FC 10 kg
Industrial machines
<Semiconductors, liquid crystal, molding machines, speed reducers, printing presses, medical examination devices, various dies and molds, various specialized machines, and other parts for industrial machines in general>
Frame FC 800 kg, Base FC 400 kg, Housing FC 400 kg, Die and mold FC 150 kg, Valve FC 150 kg, Housing FCD 100 kg, and Base FCD 1100 kg
Example advice when manufacturing a new foundry casting
Example of successful vibration absorption and precision/strength improvement.
When casting for this case, we initially received a plan that was drawn only based on the experience in welded structures (sheet metal products). However, we offered necessary advice for producing casting. As a result of the switch to casting, vibration absorption and precision/strength improvement were successfully achieved.
Example of proposal to switch from die and mold using shell core to sand mold.
This product with a complex shape was previously manufactured using shell core. However, we proposed to switch to using sand mold. The switch to sand mold enabled significant reduction of cost and time required for die and mold production. Moreover, the usage of sand mold enabled reduction of overall the production as well as cost.
Example advice for changing from welded structures
Example of successful improvement in vibration absorption and strength and reduction of processing time and cost.
In this case, we suggested to our customer to switch the method of manufacturing of this product from a welded structure (sheet-metal fabrication) to casting to overcome the problem of unsatisfactory precision. The switching to casting enabled vibration absorption, improved strength, and reduced processing time and cost.
An example where switching to casting resulted in dramatic improvement of appearance and highly effective vibration absorption.
In this example, the detailed shape of the product, as shown in the picture, meant that switching to casting dramatically improved its appearance compared to when it was manufactured as a welded structure (sheet-metal fabrication). The switching also had a significant impact on its vibration absorption.
Example advice about changing to a material other than steel
Examples of successful cost and production-time reductions
Previously, the product was made by being cut from steel. However, this produced much waste and required extremely long processing times. When this was changed to casting, we offered advice on materials so as to avoid a decrease in strength. Both the processing time and cost were successfully reduced.

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