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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:33

Amauchi Industry Co, Ltd

We conduct sheet metal processing of a diverse range of materials, including iron, SUS, aluminum, copper, and brass.

Amauchi Industry continues to respond to today’s strict demands with ingenuity by accumulating small innovations and improvements on its precision sheet metal line every day since it was founded, and has established high precision and high quality sheet metal technology for internal mechanical parts. We conduct processing with tolerances of 0.1 millimeters per unit using a variety of diverse sheet materials including iron, SUS, aluminum, copper and brass.
 We aim at world-class precision sheet metal technology from “sheet metal” to “BANKIN”.

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Marine industry technology and products
Time + Labor + Brain = Experience. This is our resource.
The capital of Amauchi Industry has been built over the course of its 50-year history. It is the resource called experience. Amauchi Industry has rich experience in the production of internal mechanism components, which, particularly in sheet metal parts, require precision. The parts produced by Amauchi Industry are used in everyday products used by people. For instance, in credit-transaction devices, the technology of Amauchi Industry is used in many sections that are not visible, such as the carrying surface of bills, the attachment of the sensor, the attachment of the shaft, and sliding section. “Normal things” are not made using ordinary technology. To enable “what is normal,” sheet-metal technology with 0.1-mm tolerance based on the resource called experience is used.
From iron, SUS, and aluminum to special materials.
We conduct sheet metal processing of diverse materials, including iron, SUS, aluminum, copper, and brass. The quality of sheet metal is inconsistent depending on the lot, and the performance of the machines is also affected by the current season and the temperature. Thus, the final adjustment needs high precision and requires the flexibility, experience, and creativity of the expert technicians. Particularly, we have extensive processing expertise in materials such as stainless steel spring material and phosphor bronze spring material, which are considered to be difficult to process. If you have processing requirements that other companies cannot not handle, please contact us.
Extracting the potential of equipment by 120%.
Not all equipment of Amauchi Industry are of the latest type. However, our ability to understand equipment with a long history, including dies and molds, and utilize them is incomparable. Extracting the potential of equipment by 120%. Created by artisans, not operators. This is the pride of Amauchi Industry’s craftsmanship.
Processing technology and items
Processing technology
High-precision handmade sheet-metal processing
We guarantee high precision of the shapes that are considered to be difficult for handmade sheet-metal processing, such as R bending, U bending, and curl bending. Master Amauchi says, “I acquired my skill because I enjoy what I do.” The wish of our customer is given a concrete shape by our artisans.
We can process difficult-to-machine materials.
We accumulated our expertise by always accommodating works that other companies did not want to perform. SUS spring material, aluminum, brass, copper... The more difficult the material is to process, the clearer the ability of the artisan would be.
We can accommodate everything from a single piece to mass productions.
Even if it is only a single piece, we will produce it with care. Moreover, our ability to propose how to start a mass production is based on our experience of being involved in prototype development for many years. The cost reduction proposal at an early stage, namely the prototype development, can achieve excellent cost performance. From the prototype development to mass production, you can trust us.
Processing items
Since the time of our establishment, we have been processing items for diverse purposes. Our proposals, which accommodate the purpose, budget, and desired material of the customers, are highly regarded.
POS system
Amauchi Industry also produces parts of POS systems. In addition to internal parts, we can also accommodate external parts that reflect the requirements of the designer. We can accommodate R-shapes and difficult shapes that the design demands. 
Credit-transaction devices
Amauch Industry has been making internal parts of financial terminals, such as ATMs. We produce the parts that particularly require precision, such as the carrying surface of mediums which has many R-shapes, the attachment of the sensor, the attachment of the shaft, and the sliding section. From prototype/development of small lots to mass production, we can accommodate many variable lots.
Medical equipment
Amauch Industry produces cases of medical equipment as well as their parts. As mobility and weight reduction are becoming more necessary, we are involved in cases and internal reinforcement parts.
Example processing
Business card case
This business card case was jointly developed with BRANCH. Through the designs they offer, they connect small local factories with designers to transform them into places where “value” is created through production of things. Our precision sheet-metal processing technology enabled the case to be as thin as possible. You can retrieve your name card just with one action using one hand.

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