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Latest update: 01/08/2022 13:48:54

Tohoplatec Co., Ltd.

Toho Platec Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in plastic injection molding that requires high accuracy in its appearance.
We mold heat-resistant super engineering plastic resin.

We deal with a wide range of products including engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, mirror finishing, transparent and clear products, various colored products, and elastomer parts.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overviews
Business content/characteristics
We mainly conduct injection molding of plastic, design/production of dies and molds, secondary processing (painting/printing), and assembly. As a part of injection molding of plastic, we conduct molding of super engineering plastic resins, whose demand has been increasing in the recent years, in addition to the molding of general purpose resin, polycarbonate (PC), and engineering plastic resin such as nylon. Our primary focus is the production of small- to medium-sized lots and orders of 100–1000 pieces are our main output. We own 150-t, 100-t, and 50-t horizontal electric FANUC molding machines.
Overview of main products and technologies
Design/production of dies and molds are the important points for injection molding. No matter how advanced the molding machine is, it cannot manufacture high-quality products if the dies and molds are imprecise. We produce dies and molds by understanding the characteristics of the resin (how it flows and emits gas) and carefully discussing the gate position and ejection position with the customer. We can accommodate many materials for making dies and casts, including aluminum for prototyping, common thermal-refined steel such as NAK steel, and quenched material with high durability. Moreover, we can accommodate curved surface printing, high luminance coating, and UV coating in addition to common printing and painting.
Message from the representative (initiatives for future market development and intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
Our company has been producing exterior parts of headphones and audio systems. In recent years, there is an increased demand for special materials. Consequently, products that require plastics with high added-value are increasing. In March 2014, we added a 150-t electric molding machine to our facility, which increased the range of products we can accommodate. Our principle is to satisfy our customers. Concretely, we achieve that through the stabilization of aspects that cannot be covered by a plan, such as the coloring (appearance) and texture (touch) of the product or how it fits with other parts, in addition to the adherence to/control of the measurement tolerance designated in the plan.

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