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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:35

Suzuki Seiki Co., Ltd.

We embrace the demands of the future with our quality and challenging spirit that responnds your confidence in us.

We process products by machining and NC lathing. We also provide our technology to Tokai University's Tokai Formula Club as well.

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Introduction to business content, products, and technology, etc.
Enterprises and features
Our main business involves the cutting of various parts and prototypes (iron, nonferrous, etc.), 3D cutting (such as modeling and press molding), simultaneous 3-axis + 1-axis machining (with NC index), complex lathing, and wire cutting. If you are wondering, "is anything like this possible" or "would anyone be willing to make a single piece of this product," do not hesitate to consult us. We are also ready to perform cutting, 3D cutting, simultaneous 3-axis + 1-axis machining on various parts and prototypes.
Overview of our products and technologies
We carefully make prototypes and other single-piece products, including those machined with machine center (1,000 x 500) with 3D CAD/CAM and those NC-lathed (500 dia x 500 L). If you provide us your CAD data, we shorten your prospective lead time even further. We also cut fuel cell carbon separators. For equipment, we have machining centers, NC lathes, grinders, and meters on our premises and can handle machining and NC lathing as a one-stop operation.
Toward matching
We have accumulated know-how in cutting, 3D cutting, and simultaneous 4-axis cutting over a long period. With high-precision machining, we enjoy high customer confidence and receive numerous repeat orders. For our quality and challenging spirit that respond to your confidence in us, we are confident in our ability to be competitive. Please do not hesitate to consult us if you have any issues that we can assist you with.

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