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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:08

Suzukishiko Co., Ltd.

Suzuki Shiko uses an in-house integrated production line 

We produce more than 46 million units of novelty items each year. We are a manufacturer specializing in novelty, packaging, and pop. We offer one-stop manufacturing using our in-house integrated production line, covering everything from design, printing, and processing/manufacturing to assembly and delivery.

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Products offered
For companies who want to produce goods with originality, we use our integrated production system to produce various types of novelties according to their purpose and use, such as sales promotion and advertisement.

Sticky paper
 Sticky notes/die-cut sleeves/scented sticky notes/message stickers/label covers/notebook covers/pop-up covers/
 Hardcover style/pop-up covers/square boxes/triangular boxes/house-type and building-type boxes/round cans /car-type boxes/
 Polygonal boxes/die-cut/die-cut with cover/mechanism covers/tray mounts/pen stands/pen holders/
 Ring notepads with adhesive

 Pop-up cover notepads/block notepads/ring notepads/slim ring notepads/two-way mechanism cover notepads/
 Die-cut notepads/stand message notepads/notepads with inverted covers/stand-up box notepads/marble roll type notepads/
 notepads with covers/report paper type notepads/notepads with pen stand case/Pop-up BOX notepads Stand-up notepads/
 Mouse mat notepads/small notepads

Other various products
 Desk calendars/whiteboard calendars/diet calendars/DVD cases/jigsaw puzzles/sun visors/
 Tissue box cases/Karuta cards/coasters/papercraft/paper fans/ photo albums/heavy printing/
 UV direct color printing/paper hangers

Plastic products
 Clear file mask cases/pocket tissue cases/carry cases/ruler sets/smartphone pen stands/
 Place mats/bookmarks/underlay/clip badges/carry bags/ system files/binders/cutting boards
Our company manufactures and sells a wide range of products, including various types of packages such as paper boxes (decorative boxes), product display (fixture) POP, envelopes, and paper fans,
on a made-to-order basis.

Since its founding, our company has been engaged in the manufacture of paper boxes (decorative boxes), product displays (fixtures) and POP of all types, including those used for health foods, cosmetics, electrical appliances,
and medical equipment. The printing and box-making know-how and technology that we have cultivated from that experience
have been highly rated by our customers. 

We are also able to respond to a variety of requests from our customers by realizing short-term delivery and small lot orders
with our own integrated production line. This is not the only advantage of integrated manufacturing.

Most of our processes are performed in-house, which means we have succeeded in massively reducing the defect rate through thorough inspections performed after each process is complete.
It is through such thorough product quality management that we can provide safe products to our customers.

Furthermore, we submit safety data sheets for specified hazardous substances upon request.
We always provide environment-friendly paper boxes (decorative boxes) in a safe and secure state. We accept everything from data creation to delivery.

If you want to make a paper box (decoration box), display (furniture), or POP but do not know what to do, please feel free to contact us.

Shape list
・Sack cases
 These cases have insert-able lids on the top and bottom, and their shapes are the most typical of our paper cases.
・Sack cases with headers
 These are sack cases in shape with an added hanging header.
・One touch case
 Two points on the bottom are stuck together with paste and then the bottom is automatically formed when the box is raised.
・Bottom plate
 This is a type of paper box with an assembled bottom surface, which gives it more strength than is found in sack cases.
・Sleeve case
 This is a sliding case in which both ends open to form a cylinder.
・Pillow case
 Both sides are curved when assembled. For simple packages.
・Handmade cake box
 This is mainly used in western-style confectionery stores for boxes for sweets and cakes.
・N type box
 A decorative box that looks beautiful when assembled. Often used for food, small items and commercial packaging.
・Box with a lid
 This is a box (bottom box) with a lid that is often used as a gift box.
・Pill box
 This is a box has a slot for a tab on the inside of the body. The lid and body are neatly aligned.
Store display fixtures
Suzuki Shiko provides strong support for companies who produce display fixtures, using our in-house integrated production to produce various types of novelties for a range of purposes and uses such as sales promotion and advertisement.

Large displays
Hanging displays
Stand POP
Character panels

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