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We develop, manufacture, and sell ultraviolet-source application systems and applied measuring instruments.

We engage in the development, manufacture and sale of ultraviolet source application systems, peripherals, applied measuring instruments and contact angle measuring instruments, and we offer contract measurements. 
 Based on a wealth of experience and 30 years of reliability in the industry, we provide custom design and manufacture from one unit upwards according to specifications and budget using Excimer UV modification cleaning decomposition and surface evaluation contact angle meters. 

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Contributing to society in three fields: science, industry, and health care
Contact angle meter
Using tablet terminals allows anyone to easily evaluate surfaces for characteristics such as wettability, water repellency, and cleanliness.

A contact angle meter quantitatively evaluates the cleanliness, wettability, and uniformity of the surface by measuring the angle of water droplets dropped on the sample surface.

[Main features]
1. A contact angle meter without the need for a personal computer
2. Battery operation for portable measurement
3. Easy data exchange through protocols such as IoT-compatible Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB-TypeC
4. Original contact analysis software using Android OS (world first)

[Reasons for low cost]
1. As one tablet satisfies the functions of a computer and FA camera, the cost of necessary hardware can be reduced. 
2. Using a tablet for contact angle analysis software is possible through our Android OS implementation.

Advanced materials, evaluation of material surface coating, uniformity, and cleanliness. In the manufacturing process of semiconductors and electronic parts, our technology enables surface evaluation at a molecular level, cleanliness and quality evaluation of automobiles, mounting and sealing surfaces that require high adhesion, and healthcare implant surface evaluation for improving biocompatibility.
Excimer UVO3 light treatment system for lab use
Achieves high performance with a simple basic design

Supports applications such as surface modification using UV light with a wavelength of 172 nm for purposes such as wetting, adhesion, uniformity, cleaning, and decomposition.

When using excimer UV light sources in optical surface treatment, the temperature of the irradiation target does not rise easily owing to the nature of the treatment, which makes low-temperature surface treatment possible for objects that are easily affected by heat, such as film materials. In addition, photochemical reactions have the advantage of not easily damaging the work.

Wettability, hydrophilicity, and affinity improvement
Improved adhesion on joint surfaces
Surface modification
Organic matter decomposition, washing
Ozone decomposition unit
Decomposes ozone exhaust gases from desktop UV irradiators.
Neutralizes ozone even in environments without local exhaust equipment.
Decomposition of high-concentration ozone gas through a nonmetal catalyst
Exhaust ozone gas concentration of 0.1 ppm or less
Long-life design: 1-year catalyst life

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