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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:32

Angstrom Technology Inc.

We respond to our customers that are “in trouble,” and those who are looking for “greater cost reductions,” with positioning and position detection solutions

We primarily engage in the manufacture and sale of products for precision positioning and precision displacement sensors. We can accommodate your requests with a range of products and services, not only in equipment but also in software.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of product outline and technical information.
[Product example]
Piezo Stage
Piezo Actuator
Piezo Lever Amplification Actuator
Low priced Piezo driver
Capacitance displacement sensor
Eddy current sensor
Associated software
Associated hardware (motors, mounting adapters)
Technical information (1): What is a piezo element?
Piezoelectric elements convert electric energy to mechanical energies, such as displacement and force. Piezoelectric elements are made of ceramics with inverse piezoelectric effects, which cause the ceramic to expand when electricity is applied. For multilayer piezoelectric elements, the amount of such expansion is generally equivalent to 0.1% of the length of the layer (100-μm expansion per 100 mm in length). When used in positioning, piezoelectric-specific phenomena called creeping and hysteresis occur; using a displacement measurer, such as capacitance sensor, in combination with the piezoelectric element, these two phenomena can be cancelled.
Technical information (2): Our application example for a piezo element
Using piezoelectric principles, our products are aimed at the following applications.
Positioning of nanometer order (positioning of various probes, positioning of optical components, positioning of semiconductor products, positioning of bytes for processing, positioning of cells and other samples)
Applications that require high repetition (high frequency) (e.g., high-speed scanning and position control of objects synchronized to vibration)
Applications that require force generation of up to several tons, and high resolution to control the massive force (precision processing)
Force detection
In addition, to facilitate the incorporation of our equipment into our customers’ products, we provide actuators (cases into which piezoelectric elements can be embedded, and into which screw threads are tapped for mounting), and piezoelectric stages (stages that incorporate piezoelectric elements), in addition to providing piezoelectric elements themselves.

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